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What is The tooltipster 2.0

Create Semantic, Modern tooltips Using jQuery – tooltipster 2.0

Modern Tooltips Using jQuery

Tooltips are listed among the beneficial list within being capable to give snippets of details to your website viewers without developing muddle in ones design. The tooltip is seemed as a regular graphical user interface factors. This is mostly used in conjunction with a cursor, most usually a pointer. The users hover the cursor over an item, and an infotip might be appear, that is a tiny “hover box” with a shred of details regarding the item being drifted over.

The inclusion of a catchy tooltip to someone’s website is not complicated undertaking, though tooltips do not show on mobile devices, there are several kinds of tooltip effects which one can discover and integrate with other web pages. Tooltips provides users quality scripts available for usage that will permit one to maintain any kind of tooltip without coding it from start.

What is The tooltipster 2.0

What is The tooltipster 2.0

The tooltipster 2.0 is amazing that pursues the mouse cursor, emerges up faster, no need to cut off titles that are too much long and separate them into lines. Moreover, it can include title toooltips to any picture (out from “alt”-attributes) as well as hyperlink (out from “href”-attributes)! Moreover, one can follow the principal place whatever one need (images, html, etc.) into the small trait of someone’s own pages or confined the scope of the script by changing the “getElements” function reminder.

Benefits of “Title Tooltips 2.0”

  • title-tooltips tag along the mouse cursor
  • tooltip content is not cut off but multiline instead
  • tooltip content is now substantial (via ctrl +/-)
  • image’s “alt”-attributes are relocated to titles
  • links’ “href”-attributes are transferred to titles if no title given
  • title-tooltips can be further configured
  • title-tooltips come into sight faster

iamceege / tooltipster Upgrade version 3.0 and its Changes

iamceege tooltipster has exclusive breaking changes that one must know:


  • The data in title features is now supported as unadorned text by default that indicates that JTML will not be construed by default. The suggested style of using HTML in users’ tooltips is to give a proper jQuery object, normally elaborated in the documentation. On the other hand if someone places HTML in its title attributes and don’t desire to modify the style of doing things, users can set the latest content as HTML option to real and no doubt everything will be fine.
  • Modified and renamed the way the autoClose option works, both for drifting triggers and clicks as well, compiling all autoClose == false => tooltip will never shut by itself.
  • When the trigger choice is managed to “click” either another click, anywhere in the page will now shut the tooltip.
  • Each dub to the content technique will now methodologically trigger the modernize animation if animation is activated.

tooltipster 2.0 – Options

  • fixedWidth
  • maxWidth
  • functionInit
  • functionBefore
  • functionReady
  • functionAfter
  • Animation
  • Arrow
  • ArrowColor
  • iconTheme
  • iconTouch
  • interactive
  • interactiveTolerance
  • offsetX
  • offsetY
  • onlyOne
  • position
  • positionTracker
  • Speed
  • Timer
  • Theme
  • touchDevices
  • Trigger
  • updateAnimation
  • autoClose
  • Content
  • contentAsHTML
  • contentCloning
  • Delay
  • Icon
  • iconCloning
  • iconDesktop

tooltipster 2.0 – Methods

  • $.fn.tooltipster(‘setDefaults’, {})
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘show’ [, callback])
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘hide’ [, callback])
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘disable’)
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘enable’)
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘destroy’)
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘content’)
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘content’, myNewContent)
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘reposition’)
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘elementTooltip’)
  • $(…).tooltipster(‘elementIcon’)

Using AJAX to generate your tooltip content

Tooltipster surges up users the ability to fire a conventional synchronous or asynchronous feature all time prior the launch of tooltip either once a while instantiation. The most inspiring benefit of this is to hold content for users tooltip through AJAX.

Manually show and conceal a tooltip

As per the choice of trigger, Tootipster automatically presents tooltips at users mouse clicks or mouse positioning. Moreover including more on this one may can disclose or close a tooltip at any moment with an elegant javaScript command. To obtain this tooltip has dual techniques “hide” and “show”. Both of them might be receive an optional “callback” parameter, which shows a feature one need to like to call when the animation of tooltip is done.

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