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How to Create an iPhone 4 Design Using Photoshop

How to Create an iPhone 4 Design Using Photoshop

Although the iPhone 5 is making waves in the smartphone arena, the iPhone 4 is still one of the most popular Apple handsets. In fact, last June, Apple said in their company financial report that the iPhone 4 is still significant in the developing markets. If you want to create a model of your own mobile phone, the handset is the perfect source of inspiration. Start with the design first, here is a quick guide in making the most creative and realistic iPhone design with the use of Photoshop.

Preliminary Step

Before sketching the iPhone, it’s best to study the hardware design of the device. Take note of its slightly rounded edges, dimensions, and its finish. The actual front and back of the handset are mounted with a gloss finish, which are fused to the aluminum chassis with an oleophobic coating.

So far, the Photoshop is still the top photo editing tool out there. In fact, Verizon Wireless said that the tool gives you professional photographic effects to form an expertly touched canvas.

STEP 1: Create a new image

You must create a new image file with a canvas size of 1800×1600 PX. When sketching an object, it’s best to choose a big canvas, so you’ll be able to navigate to draw minor details. If you want a high-quality wallpaper, opt for the 10 x 8 inch photo size 300dpi.

Preliminary Step

STEP 2: Draw the iPhone 4’s shape

Create a new layer above the Background layer (Ctrl+Shift+N).
Rename this new layer “Shape” by double tapping it in the Layers palette.


From the tools palette, click-hold on the Custom Shape Tool and select the Rounded Rectangle with the radius option set at 60 px. Make sure that the mode is set in Shape layers and the Foreground colour set to black. By creating a path, you will be able to load the image and trace around it.


Set the Rounded tool options with the following values


With the Shape layer selected in the layers palette, click on the centre of the canvas to create our Iphone 4 shape. Take note that our Shape layer now becomes a path/vector layer.

Iphone 4 shape

Make a copy of the sketched iPhone face (right click on the layers palette) and rename this layer as “Gradient”.
Give the duplicated layer a Gradient Overlay to add more depth. Double click on the layer to show the Layer style option and use the following gradient settings.

as Gradient

Sketch the iPhone 4’s metal chassis

STEP 3: Sketch the iPhone 4’s metal chassis

Make another duplicate of the Shape layer and follow the following steps:
Activate the Free Transform (Ctrl/Cmd+T). We will need to increase the size of this new duplicated layer by some few millimetres so it would appear from the back of the Gradientlayer.


Change the color of the duplicated shape to light gray and name this layer as “Silver Part.


STEP 4: Sketch the iPhone screen

Create a new layer and draw a white rectangle using the Rectangular marquee tool. To match the handset’s face, modify the rectangle using the Free Transform.
Double click the layer and open the Layer Style window. Use Stroke and Gradient Overlay to brush up the screen.


STEP 5: The Home Button

Create a new layer and rename it “Home.” Use the Ellipse Tool (U) to draw the rounded home button at the bottom of the Screen.

Double click the Home layer to access the Layer Style Window.
Give it a Stroke and a Gradient Overlay.

Create a new


Sketch a rounded rectangle shape on top of the button. With a gray color, give it a Stroke with a 3px size.

STEP 6: The Camera and Receiver


To create a camera effect, use the Ellipse Tool to draw a little circle at the top of the device.
Give it an Inner Shadow and an Inner Glow effect.

 To create

For the

For the receiver, sketch a rounded rectangle next to the camera.
Similarly, enhance it with a Inner Glow and a Gradient Overlay.


Use the Brush

Use the Brush Tool to create a new layer. Paint the bottom of the receiver white and reduce its opacity to 40%

In just six

In just six steps, you’ve already completed your iPhone 4 model. You can also add wallpaper, the volume rockers, and the switch button. Are you satisfied with what you have come up? Share us a link of your published work.


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