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How to Get Enterprise Level Collaboration on Your WordPress Sites

In the present market scenario throughout the world no organization has its boundaries limited to one physical space as the place of work. There are employees who are working on the same project from different locations, different devices and even different time zones. In this, getting more efficient employees have become possible and also a challenge. Enterprise collaboration helps companies perform more efficiently every single day. But the challenge is with arming your employees with best tools so that software helps in increasing their efficiency and creativity, than hampering it.

For publishers world has changed as there are no more high margins in advertising and they are required to get work done from different teams, maybe from different locations, and even on different  projects. So how are these teams supposed to collaborate? The most convenient enterprise collaboration tool available with us today is WordPress. With WordPress information is kept on individual desktops and there is no over usage of emails and attachments.

WordPress is an extremely powerful tool in managing the editorial workflow with full ease. This open source tool is a very capable publishing platform with continuous innovation. With WordPress you can foster team interactions across multiple locations. You can improve communication in general and create a corporate culture of dialogue. WordPress along with its plugins could help you to build enterprise level collaboration on your site.

1. ContentCloud

ContentCloud developed by Betaout is a WordPress plugin which provides SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. This plugin helps in managing editorial project workflows. ContentCloud also helps in creating and editing assignments allocated to teams. It helps the editor to keep a check on the editions, to provide feedback, administer deadlines and create tailor made workflows. When the editor is satisfied with the content he can directly publish the content onto the WordPress sites, thanks to the seamless integration between ContentCloud and WordPress platform. Activity feed provides a bird eye view of entire newsroom to the editor such that he can take pre-emptive measures to avoid bottlenecks. Performance history of each contributor along with all the feedback received by him is also stored. The main features of ContentCloud are team analytics, editorial calendar, team and feed management, custom workflows, and resource sharing.

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2. Newsflow

Newsflow is an editorial support WordPress plugin maintained by Flowcom AB and is used to deliver syndicate feed solutions by fetching and publishing the feeds on WordPress enabled websites and blogs. Newsflow was earlier named as Hypernews. Newsflow offers a user friendly interface to manually select individual syndicate feeds to publish the feed streams on the website. The plugin also allows for fetching of multiple feeds at the same time and offers complete editorial support making it a very interactive tool for publishing content on multiple authored websites. The plugin allows the feeds to be posted as a draft on any specific page or any custom post. Newsflow plugin with its easy integration mechanism works just as well over a network as it does for standalone website. A sub menu of the Newsflow plugin allows for space for addition of links of syndicate feeds or RSS feeds that are fetched using the link management module. Editing of published feeds fetched by the Newsflow plugin is embedded into the plugin and is carried out by clicking on the post type links at each item row. Although the Newsflow plugin was primarily developed in Swedish language, the plugin works well for most languages including English.



3. User Permission

User Permission plugin is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress plugin that assigns allows content specific user permissions to various users and authors as per their assigned role as authors or users as specified by the website administrators. The basic difference between user permission plugin and other permission centric plugins is the fact that it takes simple WordPress permissions models a step further by allowing assigning of user permissions to specific posts that restrict users or roles from reading or editing it. User permissions are assigned in the post itself and allow user permissions in such a way that it makes sure that only certain users have access to some of the more specific content like paid content. The User Permission plugin allows restriction on reading or writing of post or page according to the user’s role which not only improves the administrative rights of the WordPress enabled website but also allows certain specific users to read or write a post or page. The User Permission plugin is fully localized and allows Permissions that are assigned directly inside the post itself with no additional interface allowing for a user friendly mechanism to allow generation of user permissions.

4. Simple History

Simple History is very much useful tool for keeping the history of the WordPress page. The main purpose of this plugin is to provide the information about the recent changes within WordPress platform. So the readers can see only the changes in the WordPress. This plugin shows the changing history on the dashboard or a single page. Even, we can use it as a log viewer for the WordPress platform. Through this plugin, we can see the history about the page changing or modification. Moreover, we can keep watch on what page or post has been created or modified. This plugin also keeps the history for the attachment whether it is created or modified. Since, the plugin is the lifeline of the WordPress platform, so this plugin keeps the history of it. It also checks whether the plugin is activated or deactivated. Whether it is activated or deactivated. As far as this plugin is concerned, there is an option for RSS readers. We can change the RSS feeds. So we can keep the tracks of the changes from our mobile, iPod or our computer. This plugin adds the widget on the WordPress dashboard for maneuvering for keeping the history of the revised post.

Simple History

5. Post Forking 

Post Forking is another WordPress plugin that actually helps the admins to create a fork i.e. a simultaneous alternative version of content so that it can keep the latest editorial action without publishing it officially on the live blog page. Any big blogs or online publication website usually have multiple user assigned with editorial power. Some blogs also allows any user to edit their content for achieving more accurateness. But this system has big flaws that can lead to data loss or deformity of the content caused by any irresponsible user or writer who may edit some good content and turn them faulty and useless. This plugin creates post fork whenever any post is edited. The edited version of post does not get published until it is approved by the chief admin or editor. This plugin is also equipped with intelligent conflict manager that handles all conflicting situation caused by the edit action.

Post Forking

Author Bio: Diana Maria

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