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A Helping Community Software for WordPress - bbPress forum

A Helping Community Software for WordPress – bbPress forum

A Helping Community Software for WordPress - bbPress forum


A forum software bbPress created the WordPress method. It utilizes your accessible WordPress hub which makes it actually simple to include or combine a forum in WordPress through bbPress. It is able to extend, extra add-on plug-ins can also be entered to enhance the functionality. bbPress is not heavy software and even rapid than other common forum softwares based on open source.

How to set up bbPress

A bypass is accessible and presented  as a plug-in for WordPress. It can be installed as others plug-ins are established of WordPress. Normally you need to log in to the admin area of WordPress and move to Plug-ins » Add New . Look for bypass and then choose bbPress from the menu box. Plug-in will be installed and activated through this way. A welcome screen will appear after activation for bbPress.

Building a Forum via bbPress in WordPress

When installed once, bbPress includes Forums, Replies and Topics menu entry in admin of  your WordPress.
Select Forum » New Forum. The similar screen will appear in the post or topic edit area of the WordPress post edit area. Give a name for your forum and add a few descriptions of it. Then click the button named publish.

Showing bbPress Forum in the Front End of WordPress

When you will complete some forums, it will need to show on the face end those forums of your link related to WordPress. Build another new page of  WordPress. Provide this page a display name, as Community, Forum, Support Forums, etc. Following the short code which will need to be pasted into your page:



You will have to disable trackbacks and comments on this page to publish it. Move to Appearance » Menus and then link this page to your menu of navigation. After that whenever anybody opens this link, then the primary forum index will be displayed.

Adding bbPress via your WordPress Layout or Theme

Mostly, you would possibly wish to start your forum for new entries or registrations. For this purpose it is required to open your link for registrations.

Go to Settings » General, mark the option alongside “Anyone can register” to provide access for registrations or entries on your page.
Now your link is ready for registration, first of all your participants of the forum would find is a registration page. Create a normal page of WordPress to design this, and provide it a label or name, e.g. Register. Need to add this short code

[bbp-register]and issue the link.

Another  requirement of users will be password recovery if lost. Make next page of WordPress, give it a name e.g. Lost Password. Include this short code [bbp-lost-pass] and issue the page.

Controlling bbPress Forum Settings

For the settings of  bbPress forums, click on Settings » Forums. This setting page of the bbPress through which you can manage various aspects and features of your forum.

“Disallow editing after” will be displayed on the setting page of Forums. “5 minutes” will be defaulted selection for the setting. The participant will be allowed to change their posts after issue through setting. After this period user will not be able to change or amend their posts. Although, a forum Moderator or Keymaster can take over this setting.

bbPress WordPress Plugin Download Page

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