Unique iOS and Android App UI and UX Designs


The most common challenge is supporting both platforms is how the appreciated design native applications for iOS and Android have alike features while are optimized for the interacted design standards and users approach to each platform is unique.

Another challenge in designing for both platforms is that the iOS is described at great level in terms of how different UI factors must present and respond comparatively to the openness of the Android platform. In contrast to iOS user interface standards expressed in the Human interface guidelines, Android just gives references for how common application UI factors must look and react. So check out the below Unique iOS and Android App UI and UX Designs and experience a new style of design

A Quantity of Dragon Photoshop Brushes For Professionals


Photoshop is the most popular tool used by designers; this is also a fact that Photoshop is the ultimate source for survival of the people. These tools are working well for designers. Also for any object normally its supporting tool for the graphic designers as well as web page designers too. In these days, the most preferred tool is Dragon Photoshop Brushes for graphic designers, this would not be wrong to say that Dragon brushes are playing a vital role for design an attractive object. On the other hand, the latest quantity of Dragon Photoshop is best for Photoshop work and illustration artworks.

This post is created and compiled to introduce the required knowledge about the most Amazing Dragon Photoshop Brushes for Professionals. This can help users to sketch out various historical designs and expressions as well. These Dragon Photoshop Brushes have massive functionality for image creation that has to present the mythical character through a touch of creativity. These stylish brushes are amazingly appreciated and deployed by many graphic artists all over the world. The dragon brushes in Photoshop have various shapes and designs to provide several options for a perfect graphic texture to an image. Here you can experience a great quantity of Dragon Photoshop Brushes For Photoshopers, so catch these all now!!!

45+ Simple Personal WordPress Themes

Wordpress Themes

Blogs are getting more influence on every day because of different theme, styles and plugins. Personal blogs are the first to come by in the blogging platform. Why people need personal blogs? As people have considered that personal blogs are useful that’s why we have collected 45+ Simple Personal WordPress Themes. This is not to be viewed with a business prospective; Personal Wordpress Themes are a way to fun in the online blogging world.

An online existence is created with personal blogging and with the support of social networks; it gets an inspiring boost in these days. Personal entertainment, sharing photos or mere copy pasting articles to get money as many newbies do can be done here. With the awesome WordPress powering every element of the theme becomes dynamic and easily gets updated with new trends.

Personal Wordpress themes are simple and elegant as well. We know simplicity is the key, as many personal blogs are preferred by newbies where they begin their online activities. By having minimalism in mind these themes are created amazingly to fit day-to-day requirements. No need to change any portion of a theme through code as an option panel will permit users to make changes easily. WordPress Themes for personal blog has been amazing handpicked for me. Many of them have a responsive design layout that permits scaling across different device platforms super fluid. Enjoy the updated Simple WordPress Personal Themes

40 Top funky fonts Example to Get A dose of Inspiration


Have you ever experienced the traditional fonts? Or every experienced the fonts that are too boring and plain for artworks and design as well? If you wish to use fonts that are amazing, stylish and funkier to look at them below Creative funky fonts Example will give a dose of inspiration.

Cartoon and comic are playing an important role in these days, community is well aware of Comic Sans MS, and that is all about it. I have now discovered inspiring funky fonts Example to Get A dose of Inspiration. This will refresh you as cartoon and comic fonts is a way of inspiration and with this, you can give your artwork and design an additional excitement. Here is a wide list of Top funky fonts Examples.

Today we have assorted funky fonts Examples to Get A dose of Inspiration. This can be used to make some attractive design while on the other hand designers can use them for designing purpose. These fonts are extremely handy when it directs towards design kids websites. We give you assurance they will help you in your designs

Free High Quality Fonts for make catchy headlines


What you think before reading an article? If you have short time you just see it titles because this delivers the basic concept and you come to know what is being discussed in the article? So you need to manage a magnetic title because you can win just with a title that is appealing, inspiring and interesting so people can take keen interest in your article. You need to choose the right font for your article because Free High Quality Fonts for make catchy headlines can grasp the audience attention with ease.

In this list I would be pleased to display Typometry, Alegreya, Metropolis, Plastic Type, Bariol, Signika and many other quality fonts. There are different commercial and domestic fonts so you need to be careful while using below Free High Quality Fonts for make catchy headlines. Enjoy this experience for a better look of your article

Inspirational Flat Resume Design Examples


This is a common experience that recruiter has just spent 6 seconds on a resume. This is very significant to discover the path to make your resume amazing among the millions of other resume, especially when you are in a design; you need Inspirational Flat Resume Design Examples to have better job experience. An impressive resume shows employers potential that you have awesome ideas and person is enough creative with plenty of imagination to spare.

CV is the external look of your working experience like this can give influence to users and also develop their experience. In these days Flat Design is playing a vital role in every field, you will be surprised to know these are applied on resume and below we shall unfold Inspiring Flat Resume Design Examples. So it is time to take a deep view of your resume and see its design is suitable for you or not. We have managed some of the best Resume Design examples so enjoy!!!

Sophisticated App Design Tips by Expert Designers-Does it Influence Players


An influencing app is one that people want to use repeatedly. However, the great apps have one thing in common and that is a well-executed design significant of the platform and use. Users are very much conscious about app designs, as they prefer the one that can keep them and have features that relax players. A large number of people prefer to play on mobile by using iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices and many other handheld gadgets.

There is a huge variety in app designs and this reached to this level just because of mobile gambling. People love to play games online, especially casino games, they love to play Roulette casino game as all gadgets support it, prefer to play blacks, reds and greens. However, before jumping to any game first you need to know about experts’ opinion about app designs and what tips they suggest

Must Have CSS3 Text Effect Tutorials with basic techniques


The current browsers support numerous options like CSS3 proffers, this is imperative for developers hold and bear in mind the ability of CSS3. Useful CSS3 Text Effect Tutorials for avoiding third are taking place in these days while Photoshop and JavaScript are now having less consideration and because of it has become accessible to echo similar consequences with some lines of code simple and efficient than ever.

The strategies and techniques that were new informer year became commonplace. In these days, everything is facing change as one can experience it from useful CSS3 Text Effect Tutorials for avoiding third. CSS3 is developing and because of that I have decided to introduce the most popular and useful instructive CSS3 tutorials.

With these all CSS text Effect Tutorials one need a plugin, break it down and come up with the latest techniques. Let dig out the following Cool CSS3 Text Effect Tutorials for avoid third

Creative Must Have Photoshop Basic tutorials

Adobe Photoshop

This would not be wrong to say that 2014 has been an amazing and fully inspired year in respect of most followed Photoshop Basic tutorials and we have experienced some most influential and inspiring tutorials from Photoshop experts like Narendra Keshkar, Dek Wid and Fabrizio Panattoni. Here you can unfold a roundup of Basic Photoshop tutorials.

No one can deny the features and significance of Photoshop tool, this is an inspiring and capable of creating sublime pictures, create amazingly passable 3D renders and high quality videos. These all power proffers a circumstance of possibilities as normally this is not worth adding some additional choice to get a large portion of your investment.

Here we shall describe Creative Must Have Photoshop Basic tutorials that has its own significance in this rapid era. So jump up and try these all for better experience

Cool Website Designs That using Print Media Colors


The website is very full of colors that promise to assist you reach color nirvana. Not all tools are created constant, though, and lots of are not any over basic rip-offs of many widespread or helpful offerings. Therefore, to create things easier, we have rounded up a number of the most effective Cool Website Designs that has definite edges. For instance, reading on paper is a smaller amount effortful on the eyes than reading on screen. Schemes offered these days.

They will facilitate Print Media Colors having to type the wheat from the chaff and enter color heaven… Whether you are planning to print or the online, smart typography helps balance the visual structure of your style between the content and therefore the visuals. Apply Cool Website Designs That using Print Media Colors to create certain your viewer will navigate through your content the means you have supposed