Full-page Website Design Showcase

Websites Showcase

All of us are used to of videos on websites, but these videos are restricted to a particular frame size. There was a period when just Flash has been proficient of such wizardry, but now in these days JavaScript as well as HTML5 makes it right to elongate video footage and to fill the browser

Freebies – Download Free Login Form Source Templates


Login forms can be discovered in websites with forums, WordPress, shops and most everything on the internet needs login from somewhere to have complete access to something. The entire web is not complete without login registration, forms and signup forms.

HTML forms would be the first to whom most of us come across and with significant CSS can give proper styling to the HTML structure. In the recently introduced version I think HTML looks to have selected for CSS3 as their default structure styling choice. However what one can find here is pre-designed HTML, CSS forms created by front end developers and exchanged with public free to use.

So try to stick with all these below listed Free Login Form Source Templates. Most of them are exclusive pre-built HTML validation features as well as some are HTML validation or opt jQuery. If you are also interested for some new logins or want to develop your user experience then these Free Login Form Templates would be your best choice that will reprise your experience and stem up more interest for your work. Stay tunes check up each login as this is absolutely free

Download Useful Free jQuery Calendar Date Picker Plugins

jQuery Plugins

In this assortment, you can see some of the most demanding best jQuery calendar date picker that will permit you multiple output planners and calendars even more simple and easy. A huge number of such plugins are created on jQuery and jQuery UI. With this great collection we move to support those who wish frameworks with absolute functionality.

One can easily incorporate such all plugins into the website as they just need minor changes and some styling. These attributes make the most amazing and extraordinary acceptable because each project needs its desired design and that’s why one must change the style of calendar plugin as well. There is no doubt that jQuery is very much famous among the developers because of its reliability and flexibility and versatility too. Free jQuery Calendar Date Picker Plugins offers numerous exciting features that’s why this technology is used widely on the web.

In this collection we have collected the best Useful Free jQuery Calendar Date Picker Plugins for download. These jQuery calendar date picker plugin are exclusive, smart, elegant, simple and will influence your output planner & calendar too even simpler and easier for you. So enjoy

Inspiring Free Website Buttons in PSD Format


In this post I am showing Inspiring Free Website Buttons in PSD Format. These are useful as one can download it without paying any cost. Web buttons are deployed for multiple purposes such as one can use them email forms, download buttons, donation buttons, comment forms and social buttons and for many other causes as well. One can change such all buttons to complete its needs or other requirements. PSD web buttons are simple to use and saves users valuable time too, and one can also learn how to boost up the latest and stylish buttons through this collection.

If you are the one looking for an editable version of a specific icon or need current web design project then no need to see any more. In this post I have collected Inspiring Free Website Buttons in PSD Format that will disclose multiple web design style and various functions too in every possible mood.

In this collection I am going to give users a memorable experience, you can come up with inspiring, useful resources that one can use for websites & designs. This superb collection of Free Website Buttons is an accumulation of inspiring buttons that one can find unique and useful too

Best wordpress designers work showcase – Live websites

Websites Showcase

Are you planning to build a new website, or planning to add something new to the existing one? You must check out these outstanding WordPress Tutorials. No wrong to say WordPress is the world’s most famous publishing platforms and this is currently estimated to power 17.6% of all websites. This is greatly customizable, simple to use and probably the best portion, this is completely free, giving an obvious option for online design portfolio or to showcase Live Websites.

Because of its leading fame, there is a flow of WordPress Tutorials online to help users to get control over the Content Management System. However, with so many options things can be turned more confusing. Therefore, to save time you need to do just some work pick up the best WordPress Designers work Showcase that includes live websites that will improve your skills and introduce you to existing new tools & techniques.

A customized WordPress theme is best choice for any website as this facilitates all the necessary features & layouts to make a website amazing from the rest of the competitors. WordPress Designers prefer its features as well as extensions permits you to virtually create the preferred look for your website

Rooftopping Photography a Risky Job of Experts


One might be fully aware about new Photography fad known as “rooftopping,” in which brave daredevils unfolds the way to the top of skyscrapers and other towering buildings to snap majestic shots. Just think for the buzz of the roof topper who reached the top of the top building of the city and see a remarkable view.

If you are in mood to try this craze that engages you with Rooftopping Photography then first you must know this is a risky job of experts. One must have a camera, an amazing head for heights and nerves of steel. Most of the buildings the Photographers are measuring are type of “off-limits” to the public. This reality also plays up the concept of rooftopping as something secret, completely risky and rebellious. Additionally, visiting a new city to discover a perch to develop above the surrounding and see for a memorable experience, one feels like a king of the world.

Not all we are enough brave to mimic such dangerous roofing tricks. However, in this post users have unique opportunity to see at the world through the lens of shrewd photographer-rooftoppers. Here I have put best Rooftopping Photography for experts

Best Futuristic Smartphone Concepts – 35 Mobile UI Kits


Users are also worried to know what will be next? What they need to expect? Which smartphones next generation will use? Here we shall disclose Best Futuristic Smartphone Concepts that includes Mobile UI Kits. No doubt SmartPhones have variety of benefits for users over iPhone that the design flowing from multiple manufacturers.

Therefore, we can examine varieties of products with their outstanding designs and they give users a lot of choice for a Smartphone. There I will disclose a variety of ideas of best Futuristic Smartphone Concepts; this post will include Inspiring Mobile UI Kits. So enjoy this list for your best user experience. Enhance experience with Futuristic Smartphone Concepts. So get these all now!

35 Inspirational Free Line Icon Sets Download


Icon sets very much in trend in these days. Designers are crazy about icon sets and always seek for Inspirational Free Line Icon Sets. The below inspirational free line icon sets are free to download. This wide catalogue is re-mastering and expansion on Divi icons. The latest set has been re-created at latest size level and line weight and 40 new line icon sets added as well.

The download package wraps up the vectored .AI, 32px and 64px .PNGs and .SVG files too. Most of the times these icons are absolutely free to use and normally released under GPL. With the arrival of flat design trend leading the way for previous year, slim icon sets have been growing popularly. All of us love icons, specifically those which are amazingly designed, minimalistic, elegant and clean icons sets that seem to work just right in layout. Therefore, this will be good to have collection of Inspiring Free Line Icon Sets.

I have carefully selected this collection of 40 inspirational, amazing great quality and flat design icon packs. I hope it will come up to your expectations and you will find something that comes in handy for your projects so enjoy these all

Become A religious creative designer using church logo designs

Logo Design

Church is known as house of God, this is a place where Christians do prayer, worship and healing. This is a place where believers talk with Almighty to confess sins and requests for forgiveness. You can become A religious creative designer using church logo designs. However, one can’t deny that few people had already turned their back in the house of god yet in order to revitalize their faith, one needs to do marketing policy to console them.

On the other hand, teens are very much active on the internet world as compare to Church life. If you want to become a religious creative designer using church logo designer then must you have a convincing marketing strategy. You can place some banner ads that will direct to church website and this might be small light that will transfer to faith.

Here is an assortment of Best Church Logo Designs that are amazingly outstanding because of its creativity and design itself too. Some of these inspiring Church logos used are creative religious symbols such as Bible, Cross and Church to develop an intense of conveying message. Some others use tag words like God and Faith. So enjoy it!!

Become Professional user of Photoshop using yellow patterns


Yellow is a color that can grasp the attention of anyone just in few minutes. This is most direct way to keep someone attentive, while this color is used widely in various warning signs as well as labels. Yellow is preferred by all because this is loud and bright and keep attentive the viewer. Mostly times Yellow represents summer and spring. This is a festive and giddy color.

In this post we have compiled the best patterns so if you want to become a professional user of Photoshop using Yellow Patterns then check the below collection. With this usage you can create summer themed designs. The patterns are very much in trend in these days and one can find some uses of them. Yellow Patterns can be used as background image for website, design factors for a design or poster for back of business cards. One can easily become a Professional user of Free Photoshop using yellow patterns and have real fun.

When we discuss about projects and designs having to be captivating, one of the best elements that can support would be users choice of Patterns. It matters when someone pays attention to the awesome colors of patterns to contrast up taste. However there are a lot that compels you to stick so take a look upon Yellow patterns for best exposure