Now Create a signature logos Design for your Company Identification

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In common day world, the most important thing that is used for the identification of a person is his signature. Be it a bank account check, or ID card, some pay slip, bills or any sort of agreement, a signature is a must to identify and specify and person and even having a look at the signature makes the other party satisfied that yes now it is the proof. Similar are the signature logos. Normally logos are a symbolic representation of the company or industry’s name, its type, or anything that the company stands for or projects about. And even an easier way to get in front of your customers, friends and acquaintances is to put it into an email. This is the beauty of a signature logo.

Whenever one wants to create a signature logo he / she has to follow three basic steps. Most of the time that includes the name of the company or the brand may be its location or address. And sometimes phone number. That all depends upon the requirements of the person. You might even have to create a hierarchy to make your information stand out, to make it more prominent and different than other signature logos. Go below and get your desired signature logo design collection and make your better and perfect as you need for professional presentation

100 Attractive Examples of Splatter Paint Brushes

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Splatter paint brushes is a remarkable feature of almost all softwares being used for making drawings and paintings. Most versatile of all these programs is Adobe Photoshop. Latest versions of Photoshop allows its users to make use of not only 1 or 2 types splatter paint brushes; rather it is extensively equipped with a full range of brushes. Before the introduction of softwares capable of making drawings or paintings, artists need to collect whole sets of different kinds of brushes and canvas to make their master-pieces. This would have resulted in emptying their pockets and putting them in a financially poor condition.

Also, artists need to confine him / herself to his / her living room as all this stuff creates extreme mess. Putting pallets and canvas at different locations in home may ruin the overall interior. They can simply do their work anywhere they want by having their notebook shifted to that place. Therefore, Photoshop has made their journey to success simpler and more reliable. It has also provided its users with an extensive range of different brushes and brushing styles. Only splatters brushes are available in more than 500 different styles.

Ben Blogged was a person who designed most of the Splatter Brushes for Photoshop. His remarkable work has impressed us so much that almost everybody, whether a professional or a beginner, is extensively using splatter brushes in his / her work. Splatter brushes provide such a magnificent effect in a painting which resulted in extensive library of these brushes in Photoshop. Therefore, I have decided to provide you an insight to a number of various features of splatter brushes. How these brushes are helpful for art lovers to create their own master-pieces. I have collected 100 examples of splatter brushes, which are all unique at their own place and provide varying effects to your drawing

Best Typography Tutorials that Created Newly

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Typography is as old as technologies are and this is the reason we have find a lot of resources to create a master piece of typography that can attract almost everyone you want, we use written text almost everywhere sometime to convey any message and sometime to show your slogan. Posting text in your design is like a challenge because you need to adjust so many things for this purpose. However if you have a good tutorial, you may get rid of all troubles easily. Shortage of good typography is one of most popular reason to share tutorials.

Here we have showcased some of best typography tutorials to make your life a bit effortless, all of them are latest, so must give them a try. These are best examples to inspire people

Provide A Smart Look to your Design Using Typographic art Logos

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Typography is basically the art of designing typefaces, which is achieved by laying type on the page in such a way that gives best visual effects. It is a very interesting way to express or represent your logo in the best way. Typography provides you with a range of typeface sizes, tracking and styles so that you can choose the one that looks best to you. By making use of this art you can easily convey your massage in the best written and graphical format that is beautiful to view. This art is most commonly used in web designing to make websites attractive and charming which results in increased flow of visitors.

By making use of typographic art you can easily make your logo designs amazingly appealing, that can best deliver your content, aims or cause of developing that particular website or blog of yours. For getting your logos prepared you may need help of graphic designers, graffiti artist, art director, typesetter etc so that they can put life in your design by making use of typographic art. Typography is a versatile art in a way, that it not only deals with calligraphy but also a range of other topics as well like architectural lettering, business communication, poster designing, industrial designing, motion pictures and all other types of advertising material.

Initially, typography was restricted to few element types only, but with the passage of time, as the industry of making logos and stylish typefaces flourished, typography also got improved and modernized. New introduced elements of typography include spacing round letters, rag, hyphenation, typeface anatomy and much more. Typographic art is not the only factor in making appealing and smart logos, but, another important factor of logo design is the overall look. Sometimes logos lose their significance because of blank surroundings. So you must consider this important factor of logo design as well, so that traffic to your website, blog etc. increases

Nice Dose of Symmetrical Logo Designs for Professional

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Logos are the most significant tools that are needed for promoting your business. When you are planning to start a successful business, it would be better for you to first have an eye-catching and impressive logo design. A good logo for your business or company is one that completely and effectively depicts the company’s objective and product for which it has been designed. While designing a logo, you should focus the significance of a good logo design as it gives your first impression to the potential customers. Therefore, logos must be unique to represent your company and business productively; meanwhile it must be appealing as well so that maximum customers can be attracted.

Logos having symmetrical designs, i.e. the front side of the logo is same as that of the back side when flipped are far more appealing for the customers as compared to other designs. Symmetrical logos are basically mirror images of each other. These logos, being unique and eye-catching, give the feeling of being smooth, stable and balanced overall look. Therefore, they impart a calming effect. Having a symmetric logo best defines that your company is more stable and your product is more reliable one. This is the reason why symmetrical logos are more demanded and are being implemented by more and more owners for their companies.

In today’s world, when symmetrical logos are being demanded by every other person, Seize Design has provided a well managed platform to professionals or company owners to get ideas for designing quality logos which are symmetrical in design. It has an extensive gallery of modern logo designs which are equipped with various art and design strategies. Logo designs available on Seize Design are categorized as multi-colored logos, popular logos, flame logos, origami inspired logos, pretty and attractive furniture logos, sports logos and restaurant logos.

Provide A Smart Look to your Design Using Typographic art Logos

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Typography is a very interesting means of representing and expressing certain points. It works in a really interesting way where one utilizes selection of sizes, typefaces, tracking and kerning. This is a very effective mode of making your language visible that can be used at various places because of its beautiful and attractive uses. Nowadays web designing is almost never complete without the use of typographic arts.

With the help of typesetters, graphic designers, art directors, comic designers, graffiti artists and almost anyone who considers him/herself capable of doing this job can help you in providing an excellent and catchy logo to your design that can help in attracting traffic to your website, blogs etc. One of the most famous websites ever has been using this art to make things popular. Some of them are Moresoda, Ryan Keiser, Glitch, hull digital live and dConstruct.

This design covers all sorts of topics, calligraphy, handwriting, architectural lettering, poster designing, business communication, advertising, labels, maps, industrial designing, motion picture and advertising of all types. Your logo can have all the glam and charm that fulfills its requirements to the maximum. Elements of typography were limited initially but with the passage of time, the industry is increasing flourishing more than ever. So is the competition. Various types are being used now including typeface anatomy, spacing round letters, hyphenation, rag, widows and orphans and many more.

Another fact to keep in mind while designing your logo is that you focus on the little details along with the logo. As sometimes the surroundings of the logo are so blank that it draws away all the attraction.So In order to win this race and competition and flush the traffic to your website and blog and gain success, use typographic art and have a smart logo

See the Sights a New Fantasy World using Sci-fi Wallpapers


Science fiction and fantasy have become well-like genres on a large scale as this is the place where you can share your ideas around the world, in other words what’s possible if you try and this is the reason why numerous people are attached with this job line to amaze the world. They share their ideas through different resources including wallpapers and they are well-liked because you may use them on various gadgets such as desktop, tablet PC, smartphones and music gadgets (e.g. iPod Touch).

Here we have listed some of gorgeous and fantasy Science fiction wallpapers, these wallpapers feature different subjects to amaze you and show the creativity of an expert artist. With Sci-Fi being very popular, you should take a look over this interesting task

Web Yourself – Tips and Tricks for your Successful Online Portfolio


No matter if you are a freelancer or working in an agency, a graphic designer, photographer or an artist: showcasing yourself and your work online is essential! Decision makers have little time and a professional and individual website is the easiest way to gain attention for your work, build your reputation and to connect with potential customers. That’s why you should turn your online portfolio into your digital business card.

Here are the most important tips and tricks to create a successful online portfolio and rock the world wide web

A Showcase of Dazzling 3D wallpapers for iPhone 5

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This roundup is about latest apple smartphone iphone 5 that have retina display and high definition graphics and everyone love to set dazzling wallpaper for new iphone5 and we would like to help in this way and compiling a smashing list of iPhone 5 wallpapers according to modern interest and requirements because we follow only user interest and ranking from famous infographics to evaluate which kind of smartphone wallpapers normal users like and searching on web and this is advanced way to digitally talk with your audience.

These iPhone 5 wallpapers also will personalize your new gadget device and intact your user experience and we trying to arrange maximum beloved smartphone wallpapers for new bigger screen and display with high efficiency, so we hope you will keep these amazing iPhone 5 wallpapers as an special collection, enjoy

How to manage WordPress Plugins by WordPress Tutorials

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If any person is connected to the highly developed world of internet and have only a little bit know how of web designing, he must be familiar with the word of WordPress. It is basically a royalty free tool which is utilizes for open source blogging and it is the best content management system that is fully powered and functional by the means of MySQL and PHP. The valuable services of WordPress are much more capable to make you able to set off any new online assignment in a perfect and useful manner. A very large number of web pages can be observed on internet which are operational through the advanced technology of WordPress and this is the prime cause that the modern websites are exclusively furnished by the remarkable workings of the creative WordPress designers.

You have the facility to add bonus plug-ins (which means a collection of software components that is capable to enhance the functionality of the other superior software) that can assist you wonderfully and provide you more useful weapons that you may require in the outstanding completion of your valuable projects based on WordPress but there should be a proper way and useful lessons to help you out of trouble while you are trying to implement awe-inspiring WordPress plug-ins. To triumph over this dilemma, the best way is to check some useful tutorials of WordPress that will give you all the essential awareness and useful data just according to your requirements and this is the most important motive that I have organized some outstanding WordPress tutorials to assist the creative designers in which they will get the solution of How to Manage WordPress Plug-ins.

The magical thing that you will discover in these creative tutorials is that they have made and developed in such a unique manner that not only the already working designers may acquire useful inspiration for the perfect utilization of WordPress plug-ins but any person who is very new in this particular approach but he wants to acquire knowledge of WordPress. Make use of these extraordinary tutorials of WordPress plug-ins to design a valuable WordPress project and suggest them to other to get them out of mess as well