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The life of a web designer is full of fun and inspirations that they use to lead creative ideas around the world. Designers help transform their clients vision into a tangible working website so a client can showcase their work. However, sometimes a designer will need to require the help of a coder to take turn their images into a working website. Working with a developer can cost a designer and client up to 70% of the working budget and take away time from the creative process. Meet Webydo, the leading professional online design platform to help creative professionals like yourselves to create, manage and publish websites code-free and with pixel perfect accuracy.

Webydo is an online B2B design cloud software enabling professional designers to create and manage responsive HTML websites intuitively and helping to grow their design agency or business. You can create stylish objects right within the admin panel and you can even ignore popular graphic design applications such as Photoshop due to Webydo’s UI. Webydo provides designers with similar features to that of Photoshop or Indesign but can work entirely in-browser without having to download a thing when creating your clients websites

Ultimate Designer Resources in 2014


To aid the pro graphic & web designer for the completion of their valuable design project just the way they like, I would like to present the Ultimate Designer Resources in 2014 with the help of this article. Utilize these resources and produce the on target design.

Due to the enhancement in every aspect of life, the design world has become very complex these days and it is the main cause that the pro designers are in a need of the unique and useful design resources all the time in order to complete their design based jobs. The design resources give as much functionality as a creative designer may demand for the ideal completion of his design and that’s why the use of the helpful designer resources is going to be increased today. But before employing any designer resource, you must first confirm that it should be up to the minute and able to cover all the requirements of the design which you are trying to make.

In the similar context, you will find a brief but complete collection of the most excellent designer resources in this piece of writing in which I have added only the up to date designer resources which has been presented in the year of 2014. It is guaranteed that by using this design resource set, you will become able to make the design just according to your wish because they are made by the futuristic designers who made them as helpful as possible

Create Semantic, Modern tooltips Using jQuery – tooltipster 2.0


Modern Tooltips Using jQuery
Tooltips are listed among the beneficial list within being capable to give snippets of details to your website viewers without developing muddle in ones design. The tooltip is seemed as a regular graphical user interface factors. This is mostly used in conjunction with a cursor, most usually a pointer. The users hover the cursor over an item, and an infotip might be appear, that is a tiny “hover box” with a shred of details regarding the item being drifted over.

The inclusion of a catchy tooltip to someone’s website is not complicated undertaking, though tooltips do not show on mobile devices, there are several kinds of tooltip effects which one can discover and integrate with other web pages. Tooltips provides users quality scripts available for usage that will permit one to maintain any kind of tooltip without coding it from start

Showcase of Online Search Tools To Get Anything You Need


You will get the cool Showcase of Online Search Tools to get anything you need in this roundup. These are the great searching tools that you can employ for the sake of search the thing which you may need.

It is a matter of fact that the people who are particularly well connected to the up to date technology of the world is a user of the internet. They use it for the sake of getting the useful info & the modish apps for their personal as well as business & job usage. This objective can be done easily & effectively via the online search engines. The search engines are very useful program that searches for and identifies the items which you want. They carefully check the online world for this intention with the aid of the keywords or characters specified by the user. They are basically used for finding a particular website on the Internet very frequently. The use of this amazing web tool is very big & the people on every corner of the globe are using it to get their desired thing from the internet. The available search engines are very large that can cover your demand easily & efficiently.

Here I come up with a remarkable showcase of online search tools from which you can get no matter what you may need. These are very useful & up to date search tools which have proven their functionality on the world of the internet

Best Ajax Tutorials, Techniques and Libraries


The stylish planet in which we live at the moment is well furnished with a lot of modish things from which we are able to acquire the required facilities just the way we like. All these things are available due to the great improvement of this techno world in every aspect of life especially in the field of science and technology. This is the focal reason that nowadays, we are well facilitated with a large numbers of advanced and modified approaches of communication and transportation which has converted our Earth into a global village. Even though the ways of communication that can be adopted easily are immense in numbers but the value of internet is on top among all of them.

This online virtual universe is composed with lots of resources which include the great technologies of JavaScript and XML along with the HTML5 and CSS3. Although their workings have no complaint as they are perfect to provide the desired functionality to every creative web developers but currently, the means of Ajax is used quite frequently in the process of web development. From the term of Ajax, we mean an acronym for asynchronous of the already used web developing tools which include JavaScript and XML that act as a group of web development techniques which are basically interrelated. The remarkable services of Ajax can be utilized in the web applications which are used at the client side. The tool of Ajax makes you able to send data to, and retrieve data from, a server in the background that will not interface with the display and the behavior of the currently used web page. As it is a perfect combination of the up to date web making technologies that’s why it is used widely in the projects of web development.

The means of Ajax is not a single tool; its usage methodology is not so simple. To overcome this difficulty, the professional web developers are always hunting for the useful Ajax tutorials and helpful libraries to accomplish their assignments just the way they like. This is the main reason that I would like to share my own collection of remarkable Ajax helping resources with the aid of this round up in which you will find the Best Ajax Tutorials, Techniques and Libraries that are very useful and entertain you well in all your web projects entirely

Metro Style Website Design Showcase

Websites Showcase

The cool Metro style website design showcase is shown in this piece of writing. It is the best metro style web designs showcase that can be utilized for the sake of making the minimalistic websites with no trouble and without facing any difficulty.

It is a matter of open reality that the concept of web development is going to change from the method of generating more & more animations to the minimalist approach these days. In this methodology, the main focus is the content of the web rather than the other things just like the moving pics. It serves the visitors perfectly as it aids them well in the process of understanding the basic ideology of the web easily & effectively. The Metro is the advanced shape of the minimalistic means which is introduced by the great company of Microsoft in their Windows Phone devices. It is basically the internal code name of the typography based language the main objective of which is to focus on the content of the applications. At the moment, Metro style has become very popular among the users of the internet as it gives a superb appearance of content. That’s why the creative web designers like to have the metro style website designs from which they can take useful info to make their own site.

In the similar context, I come up here with the 40 best Metro Style Website Design Showcase. These are the up to date designs that give you the modern trend to accomplish your web tasks just the way you like

45 Cool free illustrator brushes of all times


The Cool free illustrator brushes of all times are presented to you in this roundup in which I have added royalty free illustrator brushes. This set is very new in the market and have a variety in it so it can be used for all kinds of illustrator jobs easily & effectively.

You know that the grand festival of Christmas is coming in a few weeks and the graphic designers are working day & night to achieve their valuable goals. They are in a need of the elite ways all the time for the sake of carrying out their jobs just according to their demand. The use of vector graphic editor is very helpful in this regard as you can make the outcome in the eye catching mode by using it. It is the computer program which allows the designers to build & edit the vector graphic images interactively on the compute without facing any trouble. Later on, you can save the results in the WMF, SVG, EPS, PDF, or VML format. The designers can utilize any vector graphic editor for their important jobs, but among all of them, the value of Adobe illustrator is at the top these days. It is well equipped with the useful brushes as well to get the desired functionality.

In the similar context here I come up with the amazing free illustrator brushes of all times in this article. They are very new in the market and are able to serve you well

Prominent Typography used in Website Designs

Websites Showcase

In this elite roundup you will find a brief but complete set of the Prominent Typography used in Website Designs. Basically, these typography designs are very famous in the market and have the modish trend so employ them in order to make the beloved design project.

You know that the design world has become very complex in recent times and that’s why the pro web and graphic developers have to make use of a large number of design tools for the completion of their dear jobs just according to their demand. Although there are lots of design tools available to the designers at the present time for the better completion of their design based jobs, but among all of them, the use of the art of typography is very big. Our techno world is well furnished with the immense utilization of cool fonts all over the place around us, particularly in the massive universe of the internet due to its great functionality. It is the main cause that the innovative designers are in a need of the eye catching fonts all the time for the sake of completing their worthy design tasks the way which they like.

In order to aid the futuristic designers, I would like to present a collection of the well liked typography which is used frequently in the designing of websites these days. They have the up to date trend and able to grab the attention of the visitors in their very first glance

Creative Website Designs that have Full Background Image

Websites Showcase

This is the ultimate article in which you will disclose the most excellent Creative Website Designs that have Full Background Image. These are the exclusive web design that can be utilized in order to get the useful inspiration.

It is a true fact that the use of the online world at the present time has become very immense and thus the pro designers have to employ lots of web development tools for the sake of making the modish website just the way they like. When you check the big universe of the internet for this purpose, you will come to know that a cool website design can serve you well in this regard. It can be utilized for the purpose of getting useful inspiration to get the job done in the remarkable and an up to date manner. But before trying any web design for this aim, you must verify that this design should have the modish trend in it as well as able to grab the attention of the viewers in their very first glance. It must also have the ability to cover all the demands of your valuable web design task in an easy & a trouble free mode so that when you employ it, you can get the desired result easily & efficiently.

Thus, here I come up with a brief but complete set of some professional website designs in this roundup which is modern and useful. They are well equipped with the full background image to aid you well

Free BuddyPress Themes & Templates


I would like to present you a brief but complete set of free BuddyPress Themes & Templates of all time with the aid of this roundup, which all are useful and pleasing to the eye as well. Utilize these elite themes and templates and generate the web project of your dream.

If you are a pro designer and need to establish the project, which is well equipped with the superb technology of WordPress then you have to consider the marvelous design tool of BuddyPress in this situation. It can be employed for the sake of designing of the social network website in an easy and up to date manner because it is well equipped with the terrific design tool of WordPress that makes it the best approach for your valuable job. It is an outstanding gift for the pro web developers and they can decorate it with the aid of gorgeous looking BuddyPress templates & themes in addition. It is the main cause that the pro web designers are in a need of exclusive themes and templates to furnish their BuddyPress jobs just the way they like.

So in this manner, here you will find the collection of the royalty Free BuddyPress Themes & Templates in this article which all are very new in the market. These BuddyPress resources are not only useful, but have the ability to grab the attention of the viewers in their very first glance. Make use of these themes and templates and generate the BuddyPress project of your dream