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Ultimate List of Things That Can Slow Up Your Website

Ultimate List of Things That Can Slow Up Your Website

Ultimate List of Things That Can Slow Up Your Website

As we all know that WordPress is the most powerful and robust CMS and blogging platform. It offers the wide range of customizable plugins and themes to make your website unique and engaging. But, if you are running a WordPress website that is slow in speed, then you need to scrutinize its specific reasons. Usually, there are some factors that affect the speed of your site. Through this post, we will try to highlight the common things that can slow up your WP site.

Three major reasons that can slow up your website’s speed:

1. Using bulks of poorly coded plugins

As WordPress offers great sort of plugins so is the variety of plugin coding quality to allow you create innovative and enticing website. But to choose from the cluster of exciting plugins, the best and suitable one that can match your site’s requirement is quite difficult.

In fact, you can also obtain a free plugin that will carry out the critical activities for your site, but before availing any of the plugins, you need to understand the needs of your site. Many of the developers use lots poorly coded plugins that consumes so much time to load a site. Thus, it is better to understand each and every aspect in detail.

Usually, WordPress has the great coding practices for plugin developers, but these are ignored by a lot of developers. This might be due to the lack of information about the latest technology.

Therefore, you will search for the plugins that have been coded in such a form where the programmer is not been able to acquaint with the impacts of a site’s performance or unable to understand the possible conflicts that their code might have been on other functionality of WP plugin. However, there are many elements that can determine the quality of a plugin’s coding.


But, you can check the things easily when choosing a free or paid plugin. Suppose, you are looking for plugins in, then you can check how many times of a particular plugin is being downloaded. In fact, you can find the most exciting quality of plugins by offering regular updates.

2. Excess use of poorly coded themes

It is imperative for you to carefully choose a theme for your WP website. Only paying superior prices for your theme doesn’t mean that it has been perfectly developed by the developer. Thus, it better to avoid such themes that use bundle of JavaScript files.

With the use of native WordPress themes like TwentyEleven or TwentyTen, you can easily compare how sufficiently or badly your installed theme is working.

3. Bad Hosting Providers

One of the most crucial factors that can affect the performance of a website is the selection of cheap hosting provider. You can find many hosting providers that don’t have sufficient resources like the hardware or the features they offer. In fact, a hosting plan is the most significant element that you choose by analyzing about how many numbers of visitors are visiting your site.

However, the most common web hosting plan is the Shared hosting that many of the providers offer to the WordPress owners. This type of a hosting can drop your site’s performance and also slow up its speed. In this, your website shares the server with the multiple sites and if your provider fixes you on the over-flowing shared server, then your site will automatically consume more time to load its pages.

In order, to get higher traffic, you can use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that can provide you with more committed RAM memory and CPU resources that will improve the load time of your website’s page.


These are the major problems that can affect your website’s performance and slow up its speed. But now you can easily overcome this situation by considering all these things. Hopefully, a blog has helped the WordPress site owner those are currently running a site that takes lots of time to load a page.

Author Bio: Lucy Barret, Sr. WordPress Developer at WPGeeks Ltd. has written this article. She has more than 5 years of experience of PSD to WordPress conversion. Writing is her passion and this is what she does in free time.

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