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12 Successful Ways for Creating a Well Optimized Webpage

12 Successful Ways for Creating a Well Optimized Webpage

Who does not wish to be on the top of Google search engine? Every business person is fighting for the first position on the search engine, but first position is not meant for everybody. The fight is always on in between the companies to reach the first position, especially when they are from the same niche. Don’t worry if you still have not reached the first position, here we will discuss about 12 successful methods that will make you reach the top position easily.


Creating a Well Optimized Webpage

  1. Make maximum use of SEO friendly URLs: If you want your web page to be on the top make use of SEO friendly URLs and avoid using useless links that might hamper your webpage and will not allow you to reach the top position ever. The strategy that Google is following is that it is giving the weight age of the first three and four words will be preferred more.
  2. Always start your title with your keyword: Using keywords unnecessarily will be termed as spamming, but using them at the right place and in a right way is called intelligence. So make sure that you are using your keywords correctly and placing them at the right distances. The best way would be to start your topic with the keyword. This will help you in improving your rankings.
  3. Do not forget to use media: The power of media is something that everybody knows. No doubt that content and text also play a significant role in improving your search engine rankings. The use of social media like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites are your true friends for making your webpage the most optimized one.
  4. Make use of Outbound Links: These links are related to the relevancy of the signals and it helps Google in focussing on your page. It has been studied that by adding outbound links to your webpage, it will help you in increasing your page rank.
  5. Try not to use your keyword in first paragraph When you have given your keyword in the title of your page then try not to repeat that keyword in your first paragraph or the first hundred words. If it is very important then it is okay, but try not to. If you put your keyword at the initial stages, it means that that your page or topic is all about that particular keyword.
  6. Always wrap your title with H1 An H1 tag is your heading tags and it consists of the most important headings. Most of the blog websites provide H1 tag for posting the title, but some themes do not provide this function and hence you yourself have to write it in the title.
  7. Loading Speed Loading speed of your website should always be less. Nobody likes waiting for a page to open. Even Google won’t wait for your webpage to open. If you want Google to take you to the top of the search engine then always keep your webpage easy to open.
  8. Use modifiers in the title Using modifiers like ‘best’, ‘topmost’, ‘leading’, ‘beneficial’, ‘guide’, etc. etc. can help you in enhancing your webpage. This will make readers curious and they will visit your page as a result, there will be more visitors to your web page and you will be benefitted at the end.
  9. Display social buttons on the page When you design a webpage do not forget to add social buttons at the top of your page and link them to your original page so that if anybody wants to share it on the spot, he/she will be able to do it. This is really helpful because it helps in marketing your webpage and ultimately helps you in increasing your webpage rankings.
  10. Post Long Content When you write a page make sure that you write a lengthy one which means you have to write at least 1500 words. According to the world of internet, they say ‘length is strength’. Length of your webpage and content makes it more optimized and as a result, you get topmost search engine rankings.
  11. Improve your bounce rate Google generally judges your webpage by the bounce rate of your webpage. Google can also use Google toolbar, Chrome and Google analytics data for analyzing the bounce rate of your web page. If you want to reduce the bounce rate of your webpage you can use various SEO techniques like link building, writing captivating content and designing your website in an organized manner.
  12. Make use of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) This means when you are framing a content you have to search for all the relative keywords and should add it to your page in order to enhance the optimization of the page. You can search for the relative keywords by using an AdWords tool by Google.

Making use of these 12 techniques will definitely help you in optimizing your webpage to the best. This is going to help you in improving your search engine rankings for sure.

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