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Best Guide to be beneficial in Small Business using Smartphones

Best Guide to be beneficial in Small Business using Smartphones

Small Business with Smartphone

It is very difficult to run a business. You are very lucky to have the technology. Need to be thankful to Smartphones, you don’t need to stick with a desk. A lot of apps out there point-of-sale tools, organizational apps, programs of video conferencing, assistants of PowerPoint, and numerous productivity apps can run your business smoothly.

Best Guide to be beneficial in Small Business using Smartphones

Best Guide to be beneficial in Small Business using Smartphones

Be Organized

Proceeding a business is like that you became a little bit organized, so we’ve gathered certain apps to let you begun.


Multitasking app of FileMaker named Bento that perform more than one task simultaneously. Even though Bento is listed as a “personal database,” its collection of different patterns allows you to manage and follow a lot of items that are business-related like expenses, inventory, items sold, and invoices.


GTasks costs nothing to perform app that synchronizes via your Google Calendar and Gmail Tasks. GTasks holds subtask reminders, features and options of color-coding


Evernote is further “personal database”, allows you to manage your business. You can add information or data into the Evernote database through any way by inputting text, taking a screenshot or snapping a photo. Evernote will then deal with and make the information, and form it searchable. Web apps, desktop and mobile are also synchronized automatically in Evernote.

Sell Your Stuff

Balance on Android Selling items is critical to many small businesses, however that doesn’t indicate that you have to set up an intricate website of e-commerce or buy a new register for cash info. Instead, your Smartphone allows to do the heavy lifting.


A normal, more than platform spot of sale app, Square allows you to accept payments through credit card direct from your Smartphone. All you need to fix is plug  credit card reader of the Square into the audio jack of phones, and you can accept cards immediately. Square credits your earnings straight into your bank account. Credit card and app both readers are totally free, but Square takes 2.75% of each sale you produce.

Create Some Spreadsheets

Looking to build a little solid, out of date fashion spreadsheets having no visualize “personal database” pattern having on the way that your phone can also do that.



Multiplatform of byte Square spreadsheet proposing is a completely featured app that’s well suited having both Numbers and Excel. Spreadsheet allows you to edit and design spreadsheets, and it highlights a scrollable or zoomable infinite cell grid. Functions, cell types, text wrapping, formulas and cell formatting can also be entered through spreadsheet.
Follow Your Time in Traffic

Several apps on mobile can help to keep your business wages on top for the purpose of tax reporting by dragging.

Trip Cubby Free

Your mileage can be monitored through Trip Cubby Free that is a smooth small app . Just add your trip data or information with the help of analytical input and auto access, and Trip Cubby Free calculates or estimates your mileage automatically. Then it spits out Excel well suited email states and several charts for managing when the tax period moves around.

MilesTrac Free

MilesTrac is free and simple app that is used to automatically calculate the miles when enter your data or information about traveling once. The simply trap is that it exports the miles to compatible file with Excel at the end of each month instead of a year.


Presentations on PowerPoint can be saved in MightyMeeting to the cloud and then available from everywhere, via your Smartphone. Presentations and videos can be played and stored, and even it can be connected to the phone to a large screen for a better display. The general apps of MightyMeeting are free, however Pro form or version which provides you more space for clouding that is 5GB than 100MB and huge presentations in size i.e. 120 slides than 60 slides starts with different price.


If completely you wish to have remote control of PowerPoint, then mbPointer app can be used. You just need to change your iPhone into the remoteness of PowerPoint rather than to purchase the extra hardware. Only slides cannot be flipped easily, but the pen or cursor can also be moved on the display by rolling your iPhone, It is also named for the PC as wireless air-mouse.

Punch In, Punch Out

Effective punch card is used to “punch in” when you need to begin your work on the project and “punch out” when you are completed. With this virtual punch card, you can “punch in” when you start working on a project and “punch out” when you’re finished.


It is essential to keep track about your time that are spent on a project, especially if you’re managing and organizing multiple projects at the same time.

ClockIn monitors your time or moments for multiple clients and multiple projects, and produces well suites Excel details that can be sent as an email to the users or clients even to yourself.

My Work Clock

My Work Clock is a useful widget that found in your Android phone. You can punch in and punch out by using this widget directly, and it holds multiple tasks and over time. The reports based on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly descriptions are generated through this widget that you can be emailed as compatible files of Excel.

Further benefits of the Smartphone in small business are following:

High Security

  • Organizing your tasks
  • Anything is on your Fingertips
  • Payments through Mobile
  • Integration with Business Software
  • Keeps You Update on Social Media
  • Business Presentation Easier

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