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Why Your Parents Won’t Allow You To Blog?

Why Your Parents Won’t Allow You To Blog?

Bloggers like us always have to face many problems during our blogging carrier like the frequent panda updates and Google algorithm changes. Problems like these always try to take down your blog along with the aim of earning thousands of dollars like many Pro Bloggers do. In a broader way, the changes like these seem tiny as compared to the ones persisting in our homes – Our Parents. Don’t take it in a wrong way but it happens very often that our parents discourage us to do any sort of extra-curricular activities, and they recommend us to save that time for the academics.

A lot of time it happens that you want to blog but your parents won’t allow you to do so. Whatever the reason maybe, they always in a way try to discourage you from Blogging. Don’t worry but again, don’t start it without your parents’ permission or you will face some serious troubles.

1. You are spending too much time on your computer

The biggest reason that your parents are not allowing you to blog is because you spend too much time on your PC. It doesn’t matter whether that you are developing a new version of Facebook or just finishing any incomplete post, your parents always think that you are busy in some unproductive activities like Chatting, Spamming or other casual stuff. Parents are always thinking about the wrong side of internet instead of encouraging his efforts.

Solution: Tell them about what you do on the internet instead of complaining about them. You need to spend less time on the internet and to achieve this; you need to make a planned schedule for all your activities.

2. You are not earning anything, but are blogging anyway

As soon as you start earning, you will find that your parents’ attitude towards blogging will change. The more you earn, the more encouraging they will become. This even happened with me. I started blogging on a tech blog but my earnings even until the fourth month were not satisfactory enough. Soon my parents started discouraging me but nonetheless I kept motivated and now I have a decent amount of traffic along with the earning.


Solution: Start earning! As simple as that! You’ll see the difference.

3. Your parents don’t know about blogging

This happens with all the new struggling bloggers and I was not an exception. Ask your parents about Blogging and you’ll know what I am talking about. When I asked my father about Blogging, he said – “What?? Blow? What?”. It might be apparent that this might be the case with your parents also.

Solution: You need to realize that your parents are from a non-technological era, so this is very obvious that they don’t know about Blogging. You need to tell your parents about Blogging. Moreover, you can explain your parents about all those who are very successful in this field and how much scope Blogging has.

4. Blogging is more important to you than Academics

This point is obviously not applicable to everyone, but still I thought of mentioning it. I see many young bloggers who are making their personal blogs and thus corresponding to the 1st point, they spend too much time on the internet. Everyday sitting in front of the computer spending 100s of hours per week on blogging consequently will make your academics suffer. As an obvious advice, I’ll just say that although you might be having a good interest in the Blogging sphere, tasting success even for the first time in this field will take quite a while so you should concentrate on your studies. That way your parents will bother less about you Blogging and will encourage you to take part in extracurricular activities.

Solution: As a serious webmaster you need to make up a strict plan and follow it thoroughly so as to balance your time in Blogging and your academics. It is always recommended to maintain a timetable because studies are also important. If you’re an Android or an iOS user then you should use some time management application to make sure that you follow a time table and get some time for blogging too.

Vikas Bhatt is the editor of Technology Blog, he also provides various WordPress related services, and Guest Blogging Services. You check tutznet for latest updates from Technology world.

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