Web Yourself – Tips and Tricks for your Successful Online Portfolio


No matter if you are a freelancer or working in an agency, a graphic designer, photographer or an artist: showcasing yourself and your work online is essential! Decision makers have little time and a professional and individual website is the easiest way to gain attention for your work, build your reputation and to connect with potential customers. That’s why you should turn your online portfolio into your digital business card.

Here are the most important tips and tricks to create a successful online portfolio and rock the world wide web:

Keep it simple! Reduce the number of pages, only integrate relevant content and focus on presenting what you do best. Use only short texts, especially on your “About” page. But try to be specific about your talents and you as a person and make sure you provide your contact details. Make sure to use relevant keywords in your texts and give credit to the people you worked with.

Stand out! Your work is what’s important in your online portfolio. Don’t overdo the design or it will drag attention from your content. But you can still use your own unique design and let your personality influence the style of your presentation. Content and design should not interfere but enforce each other. Work with fonts, use a logo and you already have created your unique corporate design.

Make it interesting! Promote your latest work and keep your portfolio updated. Regular news or a little blog will increase your traffic and also have a positive effect on your SEO. Take the time to define your brand and target market and then create a portfolio that will appeal to them. Know your audience and think about what information they could be interested in.

Spread the word! Use social media features, like a “share-button”, to promote your website. But make sure you embed channels intelligently and focus on those you are using for business. Include the link to our online portfolio in your email footer. Ask your friends and colleagues to link to your site and use relevant keywords to improve your Google rank.

Use a Template! There are great services (see example) that allow you to create your online portfolio in just a few clicks. Using a template saves a lot of time and money compared to having someone programming your site up from scratch. Another huge advantage is that you can be your own web designer and update and edit your site anytime.

Web Yourself - Tips and Tricks for your Successful Online Portfolio


Web Yourself - Tips and Tricks for your Successful Online Portfolio

ALLYOU.net is such an online portfolio service. It’s a code-free tool, easy to use for everyone and individually customizable. A variety of starter templates and simple drag-and-drop functions enable the users to set up and customize a website in just a few clicks. It’s possible to embed and share multi-media content and to integrate several social media features. The service is free (including cloud-hosting) and offers upgrade-options (up from 8$/month) for professional users.

Now you should be ready to create a professional online portfolio that works as your digital business card. Start today and web yourself!

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