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Seevolution - Providing Site Owners An Organized, Simple Real-Time Analytics

Seevolution – Providing Site Owners An Organized, Simple Real-Time Analytics

In our world of technology,  with countless competitor websites emerging from everywhere, website owners often find it difficult to really get a clear-cut analysis of how well their website it performing or how often it is being visited. Some may use a better and advanced technology to reach out to their customers online while other may be left behind.

SeeVolution is one company that was productively able to break the ice by providing a real-time analytic toolbar. This toolbar appears at the top of the website owner’s screen and gives them immediate access to the site’s real-time analytics.  This flawless, exclusive plan consists of four major elements of SeeVolution’s website heatmaps that include these features: “Click Heatmaps”, “Mouse Move Heatmaps”, “Scroll Heatmaps” to get amazing eye tracking stats and “Real-time Analytics” – all intended to visually guide the website owner’s about a visitor respond and feedback to their site. Let us get a brief idea of how all these inventive features actually work.

Click Heatmaps – as the name suggests, this feature helps the site owner analyze how many visitors are clicking on their site and most importantly where the highest and lowest number of clicking is being done. This may prove to be very essential for the site owner as then they may come to a conclusion to cancel out unimportant information off the website.

Click Heatmaps

Mouse Move Heatmaps – this feature employs a brilliant eye-tracking technology as it shows the hot and cold spots of where the visitor moves its mouse more often and where the visitor is less likely to go. SeeVolution helps the site owner’s now get a precise view of where the focal point of their visitors is heightened. Wherever this focal point lies, the site owner can then brag the data in a more noticeable manner.


Mouse Move Heatmaps

Scroll Heatmaps – this is another important element of SeeVolution’s creation that allows the site owner to assess where the “fold” of their website is located; what part the visitors scroll to mostly. For instance, if a particular website’s major news is right at the end of the page and that is where most visitors scroll down to, then the website designers may alter the layout of the page and put the most valuable date at the top as the lesser ones move down down the page.

Scroll Heatmaps

Real-time Analytics – lastly, this feature is used by site owners to see how many visitors are currently on their website or how many are on any exact page. SeeVolution’s real-time analytic provides site owners with a current and up to minute observation of their site’s user activity. This real-time data is something that would help website owner’s enhance their website and always be one step ahead of their competitors.

Overall, these live onsite interactions bring the website owners and the website visitors just a tad bit closer as all movements of the visitors are being surveyed closely and by the help of SeeVolution’s invention would help websites get enhanced and optimized according to customer preferences!

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