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Now the life of the people is totally changed, because almost all and sundry is spending a life which is full of busyness and they haven’t proper time to spend with relaxation. Here I’d like to mention the designers, I know that designing is the field of creativity and for this purpose a designer do lots of research and brain storming, but it doesn’t mean to forget your private life that you spend at your home, and you should bring some easy techniques in work. During my job career I have a strong interaction with lots of designers because I am working as a writer and it’s also a part of my work. As I’ve observed a creative designer always seem full of activity to explore the new way of work without of any rest, it’s wrong to back to square one.

Everyone also knows that Typography is an important part for the designing in simple words we can say that typography can prove like a blessing in a disguise in every department of designing. Usually there are two big types of designing graphic designing and web page designing, typography can prove effective for the both, because it’s true that a designer can bring creativity in his designs through typography and it’s also important cut to the chase. And I’d like to place the exact definition of typography: Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. Now it’s up to a designer that how can he arrange the text is an attractive way. If you are also a designer and want to know that how you should design an attractive piece of typography you are on a right place below you can see some necessary tips specially the fresh designers, that how to prefer correct options for the duration of Typography below you can see.

Look and Feel of Typography

Look and Feel of Typography

It’s the most important thing before you get started, being a designer you should make a sketch in your mind that what you are going to design because in this way you can understand that what you are going to do.  You can also do some research work and brain storming before you gets started because in this way you can see the other’s work on the subject matter but keep in mind that you have no need to copy any style. If your object is looking creative then you’ll get the marks so, to try to do full concentrate on the look and feel of typography.

You also need to choose the right font because a font can also play good role for the look and feel of typography, here I’ll not mention any font because it’s up to you that which font is the suitable.

Size and Color of Typography

Size and Color of Typography

Now the second important thing in your typography is the size and color that you’ll select, color is the main thing that make attractive and eye-catching. So be careful to select the color, if you are going to choose the gradient for your typography object then you also need to take extra care because using a gradient isn’t a child’s play. Same like color size is also playing a good role for typography because color, weight, and placement are all equally significant to establishing a clear visual hierarchy of typography.

If you are able to manage these kinds of things in your typography objects it means you have the ability to become a designer. In typography Size and Color are playing more important role then others objects.


Nook and Corners of your Typography

Nook and Corners of your Typography

It’s a kind of artistic tip, to provide a creative look you should keep in mind that every nook and corner of your typography should look like exemplary. For this purpose you should get down to brass tacks these things show a discrepancy from face to face and even from font to font because every line or curve in typography is a stroke. Most of the time when we browse some results on the internet about the typography there are many designs but only the someone creative one which we like to use, now you need to design that kind of object. If you take care of every nook and corners of your typography you can easily create a creative and artistic object.

The Appearance After Done

The Appearance After Done Pencil Work

The Appearance After Done Final

Now you have successfully design a typography object look towards your deign and make a decision that how it looks, you need to look your design critically because you have need to give the final touches. The appearance of your object should be look professional and if you’ll make use of highly complex background texture, maybe a pleasant serif would be excellent for your titles. You can’t perform your work on typography with just type, or just color, or even just content.

In the end

So, in the end we can say that typography designing is hard but if you’ll keep in mind the above tips on the subject then the same work will become easy and simple. You just need to concentrate that what you are doing, if you like my effort then leave your comments…

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  1. Wijdan Rohail, 18 May 2012

    Very important article for those who wanted to learn Typography so they may get very useful tips from here. Nice attempt.

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