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Online Web App vs Offline Software App - A Useful Comparison

Online Web App vs Offline Software App – A Useful Comparison

Access Requirements

  • Most the PPS web applications are needed the user should have:
  • A valid and applicable OASIS ID of logon.
  • A computer having UCLA IP address.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or advanced OR Netscape 4.5 or Advanced.
  • Accessibility  to the application provided by the DSA upon the permission or approval by the head of department and/or immediate administrator.

Online Web App vs Offline Software App – A Useful Comparison

Online and offline

The words “online” and “offline” are defined as computer technology and telecommunications. Generally, “online” specifies a connected state, whereas “offline” specifies a state of disconnect.

The concepts have nevertheless been broadened from their meaning of telecommunication and computing into the sphere of conversation and human interaction, even  offline can be utilized in comparison to the general procedure of online. Such as conversations having an effect “online” in a business meeting, whereas all participants of the meeting have not concern about the issues must be taken “offline”— remained outside the meeting.

Online Web App vs Offline Software App - A Useful Comparison

A web-based application is any function that applies a web surfing as a user in computing. The terminology can also specify an application of computer software that is programmed in a browser-verified programming or coding language for example Java Script, merged with a browser-provided markup language as HTML and subject on a general web browser to provide function executable.

Web applications are popular due to the ubiquity of web browsers, and the availability of using a web browser as a user or client, named a thin client sometimes. The capability to update and sustain web functions or applications without interrupting and set up software on capability thousands of user computers are the basic cause for their recognition, as is the inbuilt base for compatibility of cross-platform. General applications of web consist of wikis, online auctions, online retail sales, web-mail and many other applications.

Online Web App vs Offline Software App - A Useful Comparison

Basically, the difference between offline and online applications is usually taken as the dissimilarity between face to face communication and computer mediated communication respectively. Online is cyberspace or Virtuality, while offline is a certainty or reality. It is stated that there are regulatory and lawful force to cut down the difference between online and offline applications, with a “general inclination to take in online to offline and remove the difference”.

User Interface (UI)

The user interface, in the industrialize playing field related to the interaction of the human machine, is the place where communication between humans and machines takes place. The purpose of this communication is effective and useful process and command of the machine at the end of users, and response from the machine, which helps the machine operator in assembling operational decisions. Examples of this wide hypothesis of user interfaces consist the interactive features of  heavy operator controls,  hand tools, process controls and computer operating system.

Online Web App vs Offline Software App - A Useful Comparison


Applications or functions are generally shattered into logical mass named “tiers”, where all tiers are allotted a role. Traditional functions include merely of 1 tier, which exists in the user machine, but web applications provide themselves to a  n-tiered loom naturally. A web surf is the primary tier (appearance), an engine with several dynamic content technology of the Web (such as PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, CGI, JSP/Java, Python, ColdFusion, Struts2 or Ruby on Rails) is the central tier (the logic of the application), and the database or catalog is the third tier (storage). The browser web transmits a request to the central tier,  which assistance them by creating updates and queries next to the database and generates a User Interface (UI).

Online Web App vs Offline Software App - A Useful Comparison

Application or functions specific techniques such as playing audio, drawing on the display and access to the mouse and keyboard are all feasible through Silver light, DHTML, Flash, Java, JavaScript. Numerous services have designed to merge into a more recognizable interface to all of those that implements the manifestation of an operating system (OS).


To use any web site easily called the web usability. Some wide purpose of usability is the appearance or presentation of data and options in a obvious and short way, a lack of uncertainty and the position of important points in suitable and proper areas. It is also suitable for both genders and all ages.

Online Web App vs Offline Software App - A Useful Comparison

User Experience

Simply it can be specified as the feel or sense a user perceives when he or she go to the web application. User experience is focused by the companies for their web functions; usually their efforts are made valuable, effective and efficient, Easy access is provided to the user for related information he/ she is seeking, by a good web application. However, it is not easy to know the behavior of users online.  We cannot consider that what each user wants and thinking.


  1. Team first (easily association with team)
    Easily implantable in all types of workflow, the collection is excellent between teams with various patterns of work. There has been no improved and better  technique to try, share and re-try  vulnerabilities of web security.
  2. Like a SaaS
    The group is a cutting-edge as it understands. All devices are implemented from exact own browser, advantage of networking resources, storage and local CPU is taking. Unlike solutions of SaaS, also works offline.
  3. Robust Tools
    The group of tools web security is appropriate for the goal and usage. This only decreases complications,  upgrades productivity and generates more material.


Data Storage

Web App Shop Data Storage

The capability of a tool or device to keep and maintain data.
The offline storage table (OST) file is known as an offline Outlook file of Data which is used by MES (Microsoft Exchange Server) that allows users to perform with their data in mails and messages even when a mail server is not accessible. There are two scenarios in which OST files are operated: Windows Live Hotmail by Outlook Connector when retrieving Hotmail mail and Cached Exchange Mode of Microsoft Exchange Server.


  • Web applications have no requirements of any critical roll out process to install in large companies. A web browser having compatibility is all that is required.
  • Browser applications normally need a little or no space on disk on the client.
  • They need no improvement process since all updated features are applied on the server and transmitted to the users automatically.
  • Web applications combined simply into another process of server side web, such as searching and email.
  • They also facilitate the compatibility of cross-platform in most situations (such as Linux, Mac, Windows etc.) because they manage and activate within a window of the web browser.

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