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jQuery Mobile: An Advanced Mobile App Development Prerequisite

jQuery Mobile: An Advanced Mobile App Development Prerequisite

jQuery Mobile, an optimized framework based on JavaScript, that has been landed to deploy the perfect layout for web applications on mobile without any issues. At present, more than half of the population of the world owns smart phone. In order to boom the internet services on smart phone like e-commerce transitioning, movies showcasing, e-mailing, communicating, and lots more, various industries are shifting their platform to complete web solution. It means, users can not only experience the web application at desktop/laptop, but also can sense the same feeling at the smart phones.

But, implementing mobile web solutions is not same as implementing the web application at the desktop/laptop. It takes a lot of time/investments to perfectly deploy the mobile solution that gives the same experience of the web as on a desktop or laptop.  The reasons that hinder to developing the perfect web, mobile applications are:

  • Different mobile phones have different screen resolutions
  • A lot of operating system running in the markets like Android, Symbian or Window
  • Enormous type of User Interface (UI) like touch screen, keypads or both.

jQuery Mobile: An Advanced Mobile App Development Prerequisite

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So, jQuery Mobile, a framework for developing mobile web application has been released. It is developed on the core of jQuery. This platform is configured with HTML5 layout language. It provides a user-friendly environment for deploying the perfect web application that can be witnessed on the Smart phone. For knowing more features, you can have the glimpse at the below-given aspects.


Let’s have Quick Glance over the jQuery Mobile Framework Features:

  1. jQuery Mobile is developed using jQuery core: jQuery Mobile coding is very much similar to jQuery syntax. Therefore, it is easy to learn from people, who are already aware about jQuery.
  2. Minimizes scripting for HTML5 and CSS3: jQuery Mobile has come with integrated framework that minimizes the scripting for HTML5 and CSS3.
  3. jQuery Mobile app development eases creating themes: jQuery Mobile enhances the theme creation in minimum time.
  4. Ensures automatically scalable display to any screen: jQuery Mobile enabled with such a codebase that provides such an application, which will fill up the display screen of any size with perfect layout.
  5. Enabled with progressive enhancement feature: This aspect brings advanced functionality to all in-future landing mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.
  6. jQuery Mobile supports ajax-powered navigation: This feature will surely decrease the amount of time for website reloading, while website refreshing or reloading.
  7. Completely supporting every Mouse/Touch event:  jQuery Mobile’s API enabled with Touch/Mouse events, making it completely platform compatible and cross-browser support.
  8. Superb animated effects: This platform features page transition functionality and superb graphics support that is eye-friendly.
  9. JQuery Mobile features lightweight codebase: It has least dependencies and hence, it takes minimum time while loading.
  10. jQuery Mobile app development comes with built-in controls: This feature enables complete coding through the built-in UI.
  11. jQuery Mobile is packed with themeroller: This feature helps to build the customizable  widget designs.
  12. Deployable at various well-known platform and browser: jQuery Mobile supports various compatibility features that enable web applications run without any issue on the major platform like Windows OS, iPhone, Android, iOS, Palm, Symbian, Blackberry, Mobile/Mini, Firefox/opera browser and all modern desktop browsers.


jQuery Mobile App development features with the utmost widgets and functionality that enables developers to implement feature-rich mobile web application. jQuery Mobile not even eases the way to code web applications, but make it more pleasing and functional. With jQuery Mobile, the amazing aspect added is, it can be improvised with requirement, so the future device can execute the every mobile web application at ease.

Bio Author: Jennifer Adam is a web developer from HTMLPanda. He has written numerous blogs about jQuery Mobile App Development, PSD to HTML and other such platforms that are very significant to read in order to gain knowledge about trending web industry.

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