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The new design is highly customizable

6 Reasons Why the New Google+ is Better than the Old One

Ever since Google launched Google+ in September of 2011, they have been peppering it with updates here and there. However, they decided to take it in a whole new direction last month when they rolled out a new Google+ design. The new design is called cards because the content is laid out in a multi-column setup with individual cards for each post or picture. We find it cleaner and easier to navigate. Not that the old Google+ design was bad; it’s just that we like the new one a whole lot better! Here are 6 reasons why:

1. The new design is highly customizable

The new design is highly customizable

The number of columns that appear in your Google+ feed depends on the size of your screen, and you can flip cards to reveal editing options or move them around your feed according to your preferences. You can also edit the settings to show only one or two columns.

2. The new design mimics the Facebook timeline

Okay, some people might not like the fact that the new design takes after the Facebook timeline, but we actually find it quite refreshing and easier to navigate. Yes, the old design was in real time and you could easily scroll down the page, but this new timeline design makes it easier for you to see a bunch of new updates at once. Not only that, but you can choose to refresh the timeline whenever you want (which is great for us who find a real-time stream flow extremely annoying). Most of us are already used to the Facebook timeline, so it would only make sense to create a new Google+ design with most of the same elements. That way, you won’t have to “reprogram” your brain before venturing over to Google+ once you’re done getting your daily Facebook fix.

3. The new Google+ has the ability to automatically add relevant hash-tags to your posts.

This dazzling new feature comes in especially useful for the busy social networking butterfly. Gone are the days of dreaming up catchy hashtags (and sometimes spell-checking them!) Now, you can simply sit back and let Google+ do all the work.


To find out more about auto hashtagging, just check out the following video released by Google:

4. There’s not so much white space anymore.

The old design had so much white space that it looked very bare, regardless of how much content you actually put on your profile. The new design allows you to use pretty much all of your screen real estate for your Google+ content, and because of that, Google+ looks much fuller, if not hopping with activity!

5. The cover photos are bigger

The cover photos are bigger

You no longer have to hack away at your cover photo to make it fit your Google+ header. From the looks of it, cover photos are now more than twice as big. This allows for more creativity, and it adds an aesthetic element to your profile (as opposed to the “barely squeezed into this extremely limited space” cover photos from the old days).

6. The new design resembles Pinterest

And we love it! We find Pinterest extremely neat and organized because they use the simple card design (one pin per card). Now that Google+ has utilized the same type of design, we’re thrilled. If Google ever integrates the ability to “repin” posts, pictures, and videos, we just might never leave the website.

Have you had a chance to try out the new Google+ design? If so, what did you think of it?

This guest article was written by Simon (better known as SimonTheSorcerer online). He is working for Jangomail a mass email service provider. You can check out more of his work at his own blog.

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