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35 Remarkable Flash Website Templates

When you are working, handling or just visiting any web site, you will see the exercising of the flash everywhere. Flash is a vector simulation application that is mostly used in the web contents to attract the concentration of the visitors for some special purpose just like advertisement. Vector graphics are basically superlative facility for web pages as these are very inconsequential. The creator of flash is Macromedia which prepared it very simple and comfortable and even more convenient with the indoctrination as they have introduced it an opponent to HTML to construct interactive and user-friendly websites and applications for example e-commerce stockpile. Due to these characteristics, flash is more demanding by everyone who is connected with the profession of web designing and web development as it provides a large number of facilities for the user to amend the data and give attractive animations to the text and other elements of the website.

Flash gives a nice and beautiful look to the websites as the visitors acquire magnetism to the elements made by the use of flash. In this context, flash templates are introduced in the world of web designing to help a layman as well as to assist the artistic web designer which provided a lot of ease to construct the web contents, lot of animation, games, useful information and a number of other remarkable segments of the site. Here is the detail of some important, interesting, amazing and out class flash website templates which I have gathered as a Valentine gift for you in this season of hearts.

1 – Avatar Creator

Avatar creator is a wonderful, astonishing and remarkably easy to use flash template to create your image according to your desires, whatever you want to look like you can easily make your resembling photograph through this outstanding and flexible template in different sizes such as 100×100, 120×120, 150×150, and 200×200. This is very user friendly and speedy to use having many options just like hair style, hair colours, eyes, face, skin tone and numerous other body parts to create the avatar. You can also produce unique, crazy, funky or funny characters for dashboards or forums. This creator has millions of colours and different parts which can be joined together to make a final portrait.

2 – Facebook Photo Montage Application Template

Facebook Photo Montage Application Template

As you know that Facebook is a very popular social website all across the world so there is a strong competition to make Facebook pages beautiful and eye-catching, so different templates are used for this purpose to give the facility and flexibility to make the stunning pages. Facebook Photo Montage Application Template is a great app to add or remove your images and pictures of any kind from Facebook with different effects and themes and this app can be altered by XML easily. You can also promote your business or professional qualities through this template. This can take profile photo from webcam; if webcam is not available then user’s profile picture is uploaded.

3 – XML Wedding Template v1

XML Wedding Template v1

Combination of many modules in this template provide you a lot of supports for the editing and you have the flexibility to create a gorgeous and stunning website in which user can easily modify and check over the modules which are totally XML driven. It creates expedient and graceful design and arrangement in which user can put his marriage photographs according to his arranged sequence. This template makes your wedding photo album online with a refinement and surprising output which looks like totally professionally generated. Main features include full screen support, 18 original modules, special effects and transitions between the snaps, social link support and background music.

4 – XML Portfolio Template (YouTube) v4

XML Portfolio Template (YouTube) v4
If you want a template that can be changed according to your demands then this is the best application in which you can add or remove many items as you want, it is possible to reschedule the menus which ensure immense control, amazing reusability and infinite amalgamations. You can also customize font sizes and colours for each segment of the pattern. It has many useful features such as zoom in and zoom out, background music, management of gallery items and support for other functional items. This template can run without flash installed in your system and everything can be edited with a simple text editor like notepad.

5 – XML Flip Book v7

XML Flip Book v7
Straightforwardly editable with a text file, this template is an immense application which reduces the load of RAM of your system and automatically load 8 pages of the website initially, in which 4 pages are loaded at front and others are at the backwards which can be taken to the front at any time and makes it fast to navigate in the website. Flash is not required for this template as it is given support for XML and HTM files. Its features are amazingly elastic with multibooks, many chapters, professional design, support improved Zoom option with double click to zoom in and zoom out and you can also create thumbnail for each page.

6 – Personal Template

Personal Template
This application has been distinctively premeditated and can be edited with notepad or a text file due to its structure supported by XML and the user can modernize his pages exclusive of opining FLA. Due to XML this template supports You Tube, your selected images and videos, XML news viewer, PHP contact form, full screen background, Action Script 3 and 100% OOP, fully customizable text and images contents, music files having MP3 format for background music to play, social networking connection and sharing and a compact design and a lot of things that you want. It also gives support for site information and logo addition.

7 – HotBusiness XML Template

HotBusiness XML Template
Without having the knowledge of Action Script 3, you can get support and the articles about this template to get help and to choose things by default. Its purpose is to make user feel easy to customize this template according to his needs and can add or delete as many item as he wants. This is a best source to give the knowledge of your business to the people you want to attract and expand your business. Its unique characteristics are, support for XML and editing, resizable, resolution of 980×800, full screen support, social links, editable menus and buttons, image gallery, slideshow images and background unlimited music (mp3) support.

8 – Operating System Theme

Operating System Theme
Amazingly loaded contents which called views, this theme based template is a supportive application for your requirements for subtraction and addition of many objects. These views are consist of DIR, HTM, SWF, IMG, SND, VID and an additional view EXT. Dir is a folder view with 2 thumbs, HTM supports external files, SWF loads and interact with system, IMG for images having next and previous buttons, SND for audio files includes next and previous buttons to cycle through folder, VID for videos and EXT for external links. Everything can be managed and operated through this template as it is totally based on the theme of system operating.

9 – Rain maker – background animation

Rain maker - background animation
One of the most demanding templates, this is frivolous and extremely smooth animated background theme which makes your website charming and prints an impact into visitors mind and feels him good. It is fine recognized, generously resizable having XML file configurations to simply amend through text and with a big suppleness customization of its all considerations of animated rain. You can change the animation of the rain drops such as heavy rain, normal rain and slow rain. This is a definitive rain drops maker app with a lot of colours and attractive theme effects.

10 – Phlex XML Business Website Template

Phlex XML Business Website Template
Main focus of this template is to provide the facility of generating business and commercial websites with stretchy multilevel composition, expedient glance, convenient steering through different sections, circumspectly efficient text, graphics and multimedia. It can be easily altered through XML files and has a sparkling structure as there is no need of flash to be installed in the system and this template can be utilized unaccompanied with the website’s construction having switch module effects. You can create 9 modules and limitless number of sheets into your website. You can also modify background pictures and prototypes, organize layouts and also set techniques for text and graphics.

11 – Windows Template

Windows Template
Uniqueness of this template is that it supports deep connecting characteristics, background music for every page separately, fully XML driven template which makes your website’s pages matchless, stunning and attractive. Video formats that are supported by this template are FLV, MPEG-4, H.264 and You Tube videos. You have gallery support for pictures, videos and audios as well and have complete control over the folder to modify in this template. You can customize it with the help of text file as you required, menu structure of necessary arrangement can be build easily. It has an innovative internal organism for arranging hyper text mark up language and images.

12 – Professional Banner Ads 5

Professional Banner Ads 5
Availability of this template is in 10 standard sizes which are 125×125, 120×240, 160×600, 120×600, 200×200, 250×250, 300×250, 468×60, 468×400 and 728×90 pixels. Latest flash player is compulsory to run this template as it is supported in flash player 8 or higher. The text has many attractive effects which increases the beauty of the banners. This is very simple to amend and modify according to user’s wants. You can set your layouts easily like logo or menu layout or social activities layouts. Professional Banner Ads template is useful for professionals who want to expand their business and want to spread the word about their products and items to the general public.

13 – Music Visualize

Music Visualizer
Music lovers must have this template as it has awesome features in it such as colourful bars dancing with the music and change of different special effects. User has an option to amend it according to his needs as it has easily changeable outline, propose his website pages with immense independence. It has 8 different visualizing effects and colourful bars which are eye-catching and outstanding making the website extraordinary among the other sites. You can navigate through different effects of visual bars by a single click with a full screen support and can play music in background. You can add many playlists with unlimited number of songs or audios in it.

14 – Feel Inspired XML + SEO Deeplinking Full Template

Feel Inspired XML + SEO Deeplinking Full Template
Inspiring user’s creativity is the main purpose of this template, it makes possible for user to communicate his revelation and signify it in a finest way with a contemporary, attractive and efficient design. User can make his own themes and pages which can be edited with simple text files in a very simple way without any problem. The visitors get a great first impression when they visit the website due to immense suppleness, effortless customization and transport of astonishing pages. If this template is used then it gets visitors traffic to the website speedily with revolutionary automatic SEO and increases the concentration by using business primary knowledge.

15 – Photographer XML Template v1

Photographer XML Template v1
Are you a lover of natural scenery or beautiful moments which are presented on a page caught through a camera? If your answer is yes then Photographer XML Template is an extraordinary template with amazing effects and conspicuous appearance of the page for you to present your collection of awesome moments and colours of nature. This is specifically designed to easily customize and can be amended as you wish as all pages are XML driven. Its wonderful features include gallery article scroll figure, full screen support, 860×760 pixels resolution, resizable mp3 player with playlist and background music support and social links with buttons etc.

16 – Style Pro CMS Template

Style Pro CMS Template
An authoritative Action Script 3 flash template driven by Cascade Style Sheet and with a full CMS admin panel which is very easy to transform according to your demands and Style Pro Template is a very useful tool to make a stylish website and present it much quickly to the people across the world. This template not also supports every single common character or alphabet but also other languages symbols like HEBREW, TURKISH, CYRILLIC and GREEK. An amazing feature of this template is that it creates a mobile compatibility version of the website automatically and all the contents of the site can be viewed and accessed on a mobile’s browser.

17 – Estetica XML Business Website Template

Estetica XML Business Website Template
This template is formed mainly focusing on to create business portfolios to expand the talent or business of any kind to the every corner of the world through social media websites and internet. As the social media is a very strong and easy to access source to expose your business to others, so in this application there is vigilantly orderly text, graphics, multimedia, expedient course-plotting and beautiful glance with stretchy multilevel configuration to support the user to arrange items accordingly. This has a sparkling design which creates ease to amend it with XML file and it is not necessary to install flash to make your contents.


18 – Scratch & Guess

Scratch & Guess
Do you love to play games? This is the app for your craziness in which you have to scratch from the place noticeable with “Scratch Here”. This template can attract almost every class of persons as the people want to spend their time interestingly on the internet. Fully XML driven and easily editable with any text editor to make it according to your desires and you can make as many levels as you want. These levels can be altered with level title, images, background music, scratch size, scratch limit, time limit and many other items. Audio is correctly added to each level and has the capacity of adding unlimited event’s sound with Game Audio Class.

19 – Funky Theme Banner Set

Funky Theme Banner Set
Advertisement is the main source to expand the business or professional skills to the public, so Funky Theme Banner Set is completely designed for your advertisement campaigns with a lot of options to change its colours, fonts, animations and borders as well. Its size is amazingly very small which is only 27kb and does not take much time to load and due to its uniqueness and creativeness this is easily changed with a text file in any text editor.  It has many resolutions including 468×400, 300×250, 250×250, 728×90, 468×60, 160×600 pixels. You can also get this Banner Set in CS3 supported.

20 – 3D Coverflow Cube Effect Portfolio

3D Coverflow Cube Effect Portfolio

If you are tired of searching for your desired portfolio for your creativeness to spread out to the world, now this is the end of your struggle of searching and wasting your time on the internet. This is unique and attractive 3D Coverflow portfolio which presents your ads in a very astonishing and stylish way that the visitors will love to click your ads and definitely will visit your website again and again. This is absolutely administered by XML substance and a full 3D flash assortment which can be easily customized. You can modify its theme, text font, text colours, 3D dimensions and a great deal of other items according to your requirements.

21 – Photo-Album Creative Deeplinking Template

Photo-Album Creative Deeplinking Template

This is an absolutely exceptional flash template with a spanking new design, to present your photos with a lot of different effects and animations, which makes your snaps very charming and outrageous. It is a best template for those who want an elegant technique to showcase their work to others which does not detract from the imaginative descriptions. You can add image gallery modules to sort your pictures according to date, name or size, you have also the option of importing background music for your summon. It has three level menus, completely approachable and editable; using SWF address this is a totally deeplinking and fully XML supportive.

22 – Photo Infinite Grid Template

Photo Infinite Grid Template

Photo Infinite Grid Template is a definitive elucidation for expurgation, generating and launching of your website. You don’t need to have flash installed in your system and even though if you have no knowledge of flash you can use and operate it and make your website’s appearance as you want. You can make thumbnails of the photos and can put your snaps in any order. You can create a photo album in which you can easily add unlimited photographs and make your collection expandable in the same album and you can have separate link for each template because the usage of deeplinking with full screen support to enlarge the view of the photo album.

23 – iFocus Facebook Fan Page Template

iFocus Facebook Fan Page Template

Creation of a Facebook Fan Page has become an easy task with a lot of opportunities to adopt different methods and get your desired result. iFocus is a best application which can be used to make a beautiful and attention-grabbing fan page to enhance your business and show your talent to the world. This template has many characteristics such as support for deeplinking, full screen, social websites buttons, about, gallery, news, 15 stunning background special effects and 13 extraordinary slides effects and services. This is XML driven template which provides you the facility to edit the modules with a text editor and have the option of adding or deleting as many modules as you want.

24 – World Map Mini Site

World Map Mini Site

An amazing and surprising tutorial exhibition which demonstrates how to shift through fragments to other fragments taking the example of world’s continents. Without having a timeline Tween it is constructed to sprint on the given script in accordance with the user’s commands. This is a very easy and straightforward template in which you can add or remove effects and animations when the action of the clips is stopped. To present a more natural feeling to your videos or clips you can zoom in and zoom out and shift stuff directionally according to the script. You can also put in video clips by just dragging the file to the timeline and give more effects such as fade in and fade outs.

25 – Corporate Party Invitation with Email Form

Corporate Party Invitation with Email Form

The easiest way to invite someone to your corporate party is this template which is an astonishing way to give the invitation to the people whom you want to be there at your social gathering. You can request a huge amount of people through this email temptation. You just have to customize your summons, upload these on your server and send the link of corporate party invitation to your friends, family and colleagues. You can manage and modify a number of things and settings such as email form, custom logos, pictures in image rotator, videos, text colour, text size and font theme with the help of XML in a very easy manner with any text editor.

26 – XML Flip Book — With Universal Layout

XML Flip Book - With Universal Layout

If you want to create an interactive magazine and have not proper skills or programming related to flash then XML Flip Book is the solution for your requirements. According to the demands of your clients you can do a lot of things with this template for example a website, a stylish and remarkable magazine, an original presentation or a number of other interactive items. You have full control over the characteristics of this template like creating your own plug-in, new components, layouts and graphics due to its high customizability and flexibility. The script can be altered with built-in JavaScript or some other simple and programming languages.

27 – Digital Securer

Digital Securer

Are you worried about losing your essential data on the internet? Now you don’t need to be worried as you have got “Digital Securer” a safe and protected locker for your precious files and important online data. You can generate very strong passwords with the ability to make combination of capital letters, small letters, alphabets, numbers, special characters and symbols and you have complete control over password length. If you are frightened of forgetting the password then you have a great opportunity that you can copy or export your password to your desktop that in case of any problem you can easily access your password again.

28 – Ivory Mobile & SEO Friendly XML Template + CMS

Ivory Mobile & SEO Friendly XML Template + CMS

This is a fully equipped application with all the contents that are required to build a mobile compatible template. This template has consistency with the Royal Template Series having much more awesome features such as SEO & Mobile friendly, widely popular and reliable. You are free from editing it as it has come with absolute content managing system and required no particular mechanism and database. This also gives the installation of WordPress which bear a resemblance to rocket science. Without any difficulties you can edit menus, deep links, pages and modules, with the help of XML, HTML and CSS. PHP automatically writes for SEO backup for each page separately.

29 – Plus Music Template

Plus Music Template

A great application for music aficionado and performers who love to present their talent with a unique visual technique in front of the public to show their outstanding abilities related to music. This template can be used for an individual assortment or for a product management which includes 7 pages module (excluding music page) and gives the option to add unlimited number of pages. The musician can customize it according to his requirements, deeplinking can also be maintained and XML driven file permits immediate adjustments in texts, fonts, colours etc.

30 – SCMS3X Onepage SEO Template and CMS

SCMS3X Onepage SEO Template and CMS

Onepage SEO & CMS Template is a one page outlay with one level Cascade Style Sheet menu totally compatible with XML files and a flash attuned with separate modules. 11 modules are included to give the style to the template or demonstrate the content and many of the modules have their individual editor outlines to revise and produce the contents. In this template deeplinking is used to steer through the contents and visitor of the website is facilitated to exercise the back and forward keys of the browser and can bookmark all types of the contents.

31 – City-Full Template with All Items Included

City-Full Template with All Items Included

A complete template which includes all the items and characteristics that you require to generate, customize and finalize your website having a great feature of 3D. If you don’t want to use 3D Splash Intro, you can effortlessly turn off it with the help of XML file and if anyone enters on deep link then 3D Splash will not be visible to him. Amazing features consist of video gallery which plays limitless YouTube, FLV and MP4 videos, a nice slice banner joint with HTML content, social bar with drag & drop facility and Multilanguage selection, 2 pictures galleries and 3 levels of deeplinking for sharing your desired pages.

32 – 3D Flash Template

3D Flash Template

3D Flash template is a very straightforward, sparkling and comprehensible template having tremendous 3D transitions and not required flash to be installed on the computer, simply editable with a text editor. This includes 6 remarkable modules and gives you the opportunity to include as many custom modules by just plainly lifting and thrashing the existing modules. The background of each page can be changed separately with any videos, pictures, YouTube videos, SWF files and tiled images. This template can be loaded fast as it has a very small file size and users can share their favourite element of the site due to deeplinking characteristic.

33 – Client Area Pro

Client Area Pro

It is an entirely efficient and well-designed template, relevant to website application which sanctions your business to acquire comments from customers in one suitable place and can be hosted from anywhere to your server. Its installation is very simple and easy, just drag and drop your files on your server and commence your development of website. You can get consumer’s response straight on the timeline of your videos or audio files. This presents common format files and visitor can download any file from it. You can also generate distinctive username and password for all assignments. This allows you the facility of notifications when customer adds new comments.

34 – Retro Countdown with CMS

Retro Countdown with CMS

You can use it for countdown of something which is coming soon. You have many great options which are very useful for the construction of the web page. It includes Email Collector which is remarkably an immense characteristic that collects email addresses from the users. You have the flexibility of changing the colours with CMS or editing FLA files with simple text editors. You can set logos for your web pages and connect them with external links.

35 – XML myPhone

XML myPhone

Flash Phone Simulator having an amazing iPhone feature of “Slide to Unlock” includes in this extraordinary application and scrollable pages are also integrated in it. Main characteristics consist of completely functional weather gadget, clock, contact page, calculator application and many more customizable apps. It has two versions one is XML and other is Static. XML version doesn’t require flash and include a comprehensive readme file for all information and help, while the Static version is user-friendly and doesn’t pull any data from xml files.

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