Rooftopping Photography a Risky Job of Experts


One might be fully aware about new Photography fad known as “rooftopping,” in which brave daredevils unfolds the way to the top of skyscrapers and other towering buildings to snap majestic shots. Just think for the buzz of the roof topper who reached the top of the top building of the city and see a remarkable view.

If you are in mood to try this craze that engages you with Rooftopping Photography then first you must know this is a risky job of experts. One must have a camera, an amazing head for heights and nerves of steel. Most of the buildings the Photographers are measuring are type of “off-limits” to the public. This reality also plays up the concept of rooftopping as something secret, completely risky and rebellious. Additionally, visiting a new city to discover a perch to develop above the surrounding and see for a memorable experience, one feels like a king of the world.

Not all we are enough brave to mimic such dangerous roofing tricks. However, in this post users have unique opportunity to see at the world through the lens of shrewd photographer-rooftoppers. Here I have put best Rooftopping Photography for experts

Year 2014 Celebration Photos from around the world


You know that the New Year has been started and here you will get a brief but complete set of the Year 2014 Celebration Photos from around the world. All of these Photos are presented to you in the HQ form and taken from the popular areas of the globe.

It is a big reality that every joy and the sorrow of 2013 has now ended and all kinds of blessings, success and losses are now become the part of the history and they all will become a part of our memories in the New Year of 2014 as well. The people around the globe have welcomed the year of 2014 with fresh hope, ambitions, strategies, desires, works, targets, touching feelings, wishes development with a new mind. As the common practice of the people at the start of every New Year, on the beginning of 1st Jan 2014, people from any corner of the world has celebrated the New Year just the way they like. And all of these celebrations have been saved in the form of videos and Photos which the people have taken at that time.

If you like to observe the festivity of the New Year of 2014, then in this piece of writing, you will find the tremendous moment of this occasion in the shape of a number of exclusive photos. Take pleasure from these 2014 celebration images and share them with your buddies since they are not only eye catching in nature, but give you the view of all the famous places as well

Amazing light reflection photography of 2013


By wandering around on this globe, you will definitely discover the open truth that our modish planet is well ornamented with an enormous number of remarkable looking things which you can observe easily in every corner of the earth. Also, in this techno age and highly developed day, you will be surprised to find out that, our world has become more pleasing to the eye at the present time due to the extraordinary formation of the humans which consist of the huge buildings, magnificent road and rail network and much more. It is the nature of the human beings that every person who belongs to any age group and gender living in any area of the globe is wishing for watching the entire natural and humanly designed things to gain the feelings of pleasure but it is a true reality that it is not achievable to analysis the whole good looking things by any person as it requires boundless amount of money and never ending life time and thus as the famous poet said,” Life is too short to enjoy the beauty of the universe” we are helpless in this regard.

Anyway, the art of Photography is mainly employed to triumph over this difficulty which will show us the pretty scene. It is a big reality that the incredible photos of the attractive scenes even though are not the true one but from time to time, they are designed in such an astonishing mode that they are able to make the original feelings among the hearts of its observers so that they can get the view of the desired place within no time and without facing any difficulty free of charge on the screen of their electronic piece of equipment while staying at home. Because of the remarkable functionality of Photography, the utilization of this outstanding art is a very common habit of the people in the past era and even in these days from which any type of philosophy and concepts can also be expressed as well

40 Inspirational Rainbow Photographs That Show the Beauty of Nature


Every one of us is well aware with the basic fact that the attraction of beautiful things can never be ignored by the human beings of every age and gender living in any corner of this stylish world. Although we are able to find an infinite numbers of eye catching things which are designed and invented by the humans themselves but the creation of nature has a powerful impact on our mood and on the whole, we fascinates by the beauty of nature instantly. There are a large numbers of pretty things that we are able to see around us as the gifts of nature just like the clouds on the sky but among all of them, one which is made only by chance and we are able to observe it only when the natures permits us is the appearance of rainbow that comes into view from time to time in the sky.

The rainbow can only be seen only by the action of nature and this process is accomplished when the sun rays passes through the small drops of moisture that should be present in the air in sufficient amount at that time. A perfect rainbow has seven good looking colors in it and whenever it appears, it creates such a dazzling scene that captures the attention of every watcher in his very initial look and who have seen the arc of rainbow is eager of seeing it again because of its beauty

Beautiful Summer Bird Photos


Summer season are the absolute chance for various charming and beautiful birds to move to the cool places. The new collection of mine of various beautiful looking summer birds is absolutely one to die for. Motivated by the colors of peacock, I have attempted here to present the new selection features and a large plan of awesome colors from turquoise green, turquoise green red and black red clean vegetables to wonderful light red, sand and awesome bronzy colors. Yesterday I was taunted with some initial images taken by a well known person. So, I got the idea that why don’t I take a step ahead to let my readers and viewers know about the various summer birds. Keeping in mind the same fact, I have brought to you some of the top notch photos of summer birds.

The bird images were taken from various sources with future beauty so they are not a high-end quality but I think they should be enough for now to fulfill up with your interest. We hope you will like very much these beautiful summer birds those travel miles and miles from a place to another destination with changed atmosphere. We must appreciate those photographers as well who has these awe-inspiring nature with their camera lenses and below birds photo showcase according to choice of bird lovers and photographers to get learn these special kind of skills

25 Inspiring Stock Photos of Buildings Free for Commercial Use

Photography, Stock Photos

If you’ve ever had a design project that required the use of stock photos of buildings, you know your options can be rather limited. But photos of buildings make for excellent back drops for all kinds of projects. This collection focuses on dramatic cityscapes and bold images of buildings at sharp angles.

Be sure to thank these photographers if you use their photos. They’ve very graciously made their work free for commercial use!

Breathtaking Insect Dew Drops Photography


Photography is one of the best and creative talent of the people, all and sundry like to see the wonders and beauties of world and nature, but due to business life they can’t see the beautiful of nature, photographers provide us a way of viewing the beauty of nature through their photography skills, photographer catch the wonderful shorts of the natures to attractive the people toward nature beauty, and from a lot of amazing and interesting photography dew drops photography is also a attention-grabbing type of photography, morning dew drops on leaves and insects are most attractive moment to see, insect dew drops photography is most attractive photography type.

Today’s in this roundup, I would like to share with you a collection of Breathtaking Insect Dew Drops Photography Shorts, these insects dew drops photographs are very inserting and also increase our awareness from the beauty of nature. Scroll down and observe the loveliness of nature through photographer eyes

20+ Most Popular Arabian Foods


As you know well! There are some specification around the world, because of globe changes every city and country has specific culture, arabian foods are also popular in food items, arabian foods have delicious taste, and in the varieties items of arabian foods there are also most popular food items, you can use decorate your foods in Arabian style.

I glad to share with you a collection of 20+ Most Popular Arabian Foods, these following most popular Arabian foods items and create delicious foods recipes of Arabian.

25 Examples of Beautiful Instagram Photography


Instagram is one of the most popular android and ios app for photographers, instagram will make your photos beautiful and attractive, you can create effects on your photos by using instagram app on your android and ios devices, you can provide your photos a lot of eye-catching and creative effects by using instagram app, you can apply nature effects, color effects, grunge effects and other a huge effects to your photos by using instagram, you should also get inspiration of instagram effects and photography, you can see a lot of effected photos by instagram.

In this round up I would like to share with you an inspiring collection of Instagram Photography, you can see how photographers use instagram perfectly and apply eye-catching effects to photos. Below you can see the creative examples of instagram photography and effects that apply through instagram, get useful inspiration

Gorgeous Examples Of Bridge Photography


As you know well that photography is an interesting and amazing talent, photographers create an resourceful shorts of nature or objects by using their skill, photographers work hard in their field, in online business a lot of designers inspired from photographer portfolio web design and create photography website design, photography website design is an creative idea that designers use, photographer create a lot of shorts of different objects, they create photos of beautiful bridges around the world, bridge photography is very beautiful and attention-grabbing type of photography, photographer save beautiful images or photos of bridge, bridge photos by creative photographers are so remarkable. Today’s I would like to share with you a collection of Bridge Photography, these examples of bridge photography is so impressive and notable, you can get creative inspiration of bridge photography examples. Scroll down and check the beautiful and gorgeous examples of bridge photography