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Development of Mobile CMS in The Mobile Era

Development of Mobile CMS in The Mobile Era

If you’re a content publisher, then probably you will find content management systems (CMS’s) the most effective tool. Thanks to a CMS, writers and editors can easily edit and publish their content from a centralized location. However, ...

Sleep Through Exam

Funny Exam Quotes Collection

Ah, Final exams really annoying, it sounds like killing someone. This is a moment to take step back and think all the knowledge you have gathered in the past some useful months. Now you can change your excuses and freaks into entertainment, check ...

Make your minimum price known

4 Steps to Increasing your web design Prices

Web design isn’t for sissies. It takes a lot of knowledge, customer service skills, and many late nights to take a project from concept to completion. For all these reasons, you are probably not charging nearly enough for your services. And you ...

food train

Inspiring Food Art Examples

As bundle of products are there, packaging design is a significant as ever. Packaging is something barraged with on regular basis. So managing outstanding packaging designs, which are easy to reproduce for several years, is challenge, most ...

Types of Icons at Icons Land

Icons Land, the Land of High Quality Icons

Apparently a small graphical element, icons play a vital role in defining the overall look and feel of a website. These small pieces of graphics add so much to a good user experience and act as important aspect of website’s visual communication. ...