Get a New Innovation by Google using Google Play Store

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In this age of technology Apple App Store has become most popular, but you should remember Google Play apps too as Google Play Store offers up to 450,000 apps for Android users, these apps are available worldwide, nobody can avoid the importance of apps, the reason is that these apps increase the features of your phone or tablet. There are so many useful APK files available on android forum too such as YouTube APK file, t enables 720p HD video playback on your Android device with non-HD screen, another is Dropbox APK file, Dropbox service offer just 2GB by default free space, but with this modified Dropbox APK file increase Dropbox account space by 23GB and some other files that upgrade features of your Android phone or tablet.

I’ve rounded up some android apps and games, nowadays these trendy apps and games are selling like a hot cakes, top searched apps, games, best selling apps, trendy apps, these apps are extremely useful to increase the features of your Android device, to put in a nutshell, see these awesome apps below