Getting Mobile Design Help


For the professional or business owner who has a desktop-tuned website, the idea of making a whole new site for mobile devices may be an unhappy one. If coding websites isn’t your job and learning HTML5 and CSS in your spare time doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, it may seem like too much trouble to make a whole new version of your site for small screens. This is a big mistake, however more and more people are using smartphones or tablets to view content online.

According to the Pew Institute, over half of adults now use mobile devices to view webpages, and a significant percentage of those call their mobile device their primary web device. With the prevalent phone and Internet use of today’s teens, that number is only likely to go higher. Avoiding mobile could be costing your clients or customers. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of making a new site yourself, there are services which can help

Make Your Testimonials Come to Life Using Video

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Videos can bring life to any kind of content, and really establish a connection with viewers. They can show a lot of content in a very short span of time. Beyond that, however, videos can communicate emotion in ways that text – even well written text – isn’t always able to achieve. People can read text in different ways, and can garner a different emotion out of it. Think about how often the intent of emails or text messages are misinterpreted based on text alone. It’s the reason emoticons were invented, so that you can infuse written words with emotion.

6 Reasons Why the New Google+ is Better than the Old One

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Ever since Google launched Google+ in September of 2011, they have been peppering it with updates here and there. However, they decided to take it in a whole new direction last month when they rolled out a new Google+ design. The new design is called cards because the content is laid out in a multi-column setup with individual cards for each post or picture. We find it cleaner and easier to navigate. Not that the old Google+ design was bad; it’s just that we like the new one a whole lot better! Here are 6 reasons why

The Function of E-Commerce Solutions in Modern Business

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We all know that selling products and services on the internet requires a strong ecommerce platform to launch your efforts from. What most people don’t realize is that they aren’t utilizing their solutions to the extent they could be, and are losing sales as a result

Seevolution – Providing Site Owners An Organized, Simple Real-Time Analytics

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In our world of technology, with countless competitor websites emerging from everywhere, website owners often find it difficult to really get a clear-cut analysis of how well their website it performing or how often it is being visited. Some may use a better and advanced technology to reach out to their customers online while other may be left behind.

SeeVolution is one company that was productively able to break the ice by providing a real-time analytic toolbar. This toolbar appears at the top of the website owner’s screen and gives them immediate access to the site’s real-time analytics. This flawless, exclusive plan consists of four major elements of SeeVolution’s website heatmaps that include these features: “Click Heatmaps”, “Mouse Move Heatmaps”, “Scroll Heatmaps” to get amazing eye tracking stats and “Real-time Analytics”—all intended to visually guide the website owner’s about a visitor respond and feedback to their site. Let us get a brief idea of how all these inventive features actually work

Do You Want to See Your Website as a Mobile Website?


In the world of cut-throat competition, businesses grow when they cater to maximum audience through multiple platforms. New technologies are emerging everyday and corporations are trying to make these technologies available to maximum number of people. Advertising, marketing and promotion is not happening on televisions, newspapers and billboards only. There are rather new and different channels of business marketing and promotion being discovered to address as many people as possible. Similar is the case of virtual world where having merely a website or blog doesn’t turn out to be that fruitful anymore. Several other platforms have synchronized with it to form a media mix.

One such platform is mobile phone, a device which is very common in use to people of different ages and from almost all walks of life. With its growing popularity and increase in use, advertisers and marketers on the Internet are using it to put their message across through a mobile website. Through mobile website, people can open your website and access information or even make a purchase. However, here one must think about the different obstacles and financial investment to get a mobile version of your website. Due to this, many businesses even drop the idea altogether of getting their website ready for mobile phones. Well, if you want to see your website as a mobile website, I would recommend just the solution for you, i.e. DuadMobile, the most convenient way to get your website mobile!

DudaMobile is a unique platform for creating a perfect and effective mobile website version of your original website. From effective I mean that DudaMobile does not simply puts your large screen website into a mobile screen version that makes the user annoyed due to small size of text and images. Instead, DudaMobile has mobile website experts that turn your original website into a ‘mobile optimized website’ meaning that it changes its outlook and layout altogether for the special mobile screen

How to Conduct Effective Customer Service in e-Commerce

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Virtual marketplace is the new talk of the town business realm these days. Ecommerce is becoming the most preferred investment spot for both business veterans as well as for those who want to test their luck in the business world for the first time. Most of the credit for this growing trend goes to the comfort, diversity and openness of opportunities offered by e-commerce. However, some of us take this business a little lighter than it should be. E-commerce may seem an easy business outlet with many dimensions yet unexplored, however, this too requires special attention towards some key aspects and one of the most basic aspects of e-commerce is the customer service.

Customer service is an integral part of any business including no matter it is product-based or service-based. Customer service focuses on paying heed to the needs, wants and requirements of the axis of any business i.e. the customer. Like all other forms of businesses, customer service has a major and decisive role in the success of an e-commerce business. In fact, unlike all physical forms of businesses, e-commerce, being virtual and Internet-based, needs customer service with much intensity, mainly due to people’s lack of reliability and trust on the virtual nature of the business. Therefore, it’s extremely crucial for an e-entrepreneur to provide and effective and efficient customer service in order to keep his business going.

In the following, we will discuss some tips on how an e-entrepreneur can make his customer service best for his customers